Fred & Noah review. New fabrics and discount code!

Oh, how I love this brand! The owner is a lovely lady called Natalie. She lives in Essex with her family which includes her two boys Fred & Noah – of course! Natalie is a very hard working mummy juggling family life and her business, which started out as just a dream. Natalie cut and stitched and cut and stitched until her hands were sore but it all paid off as she now has her dream – her own brand Fred & Noah! Here is a little peek into Natalie’s creative space



I came across Fred & Noah on Twitter a few months back when somebody I follow retweeted them. All I saw was the phrase ‘baby leggings’ attached to a thumbnail of some grey leggings with monsters on and I was absolutely hooked.


I bought 2 pairs (monsters and anchors) instantly from their Etsy shop and decided to message Natalie. Shortly afterwards we were partnering up and Austin became their brand rep! Austin is a very, very lucky boy. He now owns the entire collection and I’m thrilled to be able to give Natalie the publicity her brand deserves. Austin doesn’t mind either – he loves the camera!


10868211_869340939773978_6793874990054530690_nProcessed with VSCOcam

What I really love about this brand though, is how different their designs are. I am absolutely obsessed with baby leggings but it’s very hard to find any that are suitable for boys and that don’t come from America with huge shipping and customs charges. Fred & Noah make bold, bright leggings that you can set apart from an absolute mile.


As much as I love Austin in leggings, it’s very hard to find any that fit him. His tummy and thighs are chubby, but he has very short legs. Fred & Noah’s leggings are unbelievably stretchy all over and so, so soft! Austin gets a skinny look to his legs but still has tons of room around the waist. My nephew also wears them and his shape could not be more different. He has stick thin legs and a tiny waist, yet the fabric sits perfectly on him too. For me, fit is a big deal as babies need to be comfortable as well as fashionable and I know this brand will never let me down. The fact Natalie now sells matching hats makes me very happy too!


The only things in the collection we don’t own are the girly bits (sad face). I’d love to have a girl just so she could wear these! ❤

1472991_1578115165758981_5347276916047078772_n 1557600_1578054959098335_2475715933788635462_n



Look how cute the girly elephants are!!

10933286_10155085807020582_1087120355_nI really cannot recommend this clothing brand enough – stitched at home in the UK by a hard working mummy – what else could you ask for? Well, maybe you might like some free postage….? Your wish is my command! Natalie has very kindly offered FTM readers free postage – just type AUSTIN15 at the checkout on her Etsy page! Go on, go!

More photos of Austin in rhinos, monkeys and anchors coming soon.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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