‘A quarter of’ retro sweets review

Hands up who remembers shrimps, black jacks, flying saucers, space dust, kola cubes, white chocolate fish and chips and pear drops? I could probably fill a couple of paragraphs listing all the sweets I used to eat as a child! They were definitely the best though weren’t they? They don’t make them like that any more! Or do they….?!

If you love old-fashioned sweets from when you were young and you haven’t discovered the website A Quarter Of yet, you need to pop over there immediately! There are pages and pages filled with every possible retro sweet you could think of. If you can’t find what you like, you can message them to let them know what they’re not stocking (although I genuinely think you’d have an impossible job thinking of what they’ve forgotten – they stock it all!)

Sweets come in 250g bags and are usually around the £2 mark. Penny sweets are back – hooray! smoothcolabottles-380x200-c



As exciting as it is being able to fill your kitchen cupboards with your very favourite childhood sweets, the best thing for me about the website is the sweet hampers page. For me, something like this is a perfect present. You know everyone loved penny sweets as a child and how amazing would it be for a giant hamper to arrive at their door? It’s the perfect ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Thank you’ gift.


Have you visited this site yet? What’s your favourite retro sweet?!