Our story
First time mummy and daddy, otherwise known as Hannah and Grant
The writer of this blog will be me, Hannah. My husband Grant is unbelievably camera and social media shy – he hasn’t got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram….nothing. I KNOW. Fortunately I do, so here we are!
I am still the right side of 30, Grant is on the scarier side. To sum us up, we met outside a bar in 2002 (classy, eh?) And we married on a little Greek island called Santorini in October 2007. We live in Surrey with our two chihuahuas, a big fat cat and now our gorgeous little boy (and IVF miracle) Austin.
I started this blog as a way of capturing and sharing our new found family life and also as a way to discover other blogs and find new parents in the same position. I’d love to hear any recommendations or tips! Having spent 10 years working as a nanny, I am luckily very well prepared for what’s ahead as I have already had all the vomit and poo in my hair you could possibly imagine. However, I have a feeling it’s still going to be very different doing it with our very own baby in our own home. Why not hang around and watch what happens!


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