Weekend Baby Style | Week 6

Welcome to Weekend Baby Style! This linky is very simple and is basically just an #OOTD. Click here for full linky explanation. My new co-host is Sarah from Knott bump & Us so make sure you pop by her post and say hello! 

We’d love you to share your little one’s outfits. It’s so simple! Join in below…

 Austin’s WBS:

Oh no – another week of comfort over style I’m afraid! Austin has a horrid cold which is making him really miserable. On days like this even pulling something down over his head can make him go into one, so it’s onesies for both of us. He doesn’t look ill here, but it was a lucky shot, trust me!

Processed with VSCOcam

 White vest with black triangles – Mothercare

Aeroplane and clouds sleepsuit – Baby Gap

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We are hoping to be back to our fashion savvy selves next week, apologies everyone! What is your little one wearing this weekend?

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The Weaning Diaries | What to feed your baby when they’re ill

The last few months have brought a lot of coughs and colds our way. This week Austin had just got rid of a cough and two days later a new one arrived – boo! Illnesses are annoying as it is, but of course they affect appetite too and so start the weaning wars….

That’s probably a little harsh to be fair as it isn’t a war – maybe a slight battle. Austin is normally great with food and will eat absolutely anything (although he’s started to learn to blow rasperries after receiving a spoonfull of food, which he thinks is highly amusing – more on that soon!) It’s a real shame to see him refuse his meals as I know he must feel really rotten 😦 But he’s only human and I know when I’ve got a horrible cold I go off my food too.

So, what have I done this week to try and trick him into eating?! Well, as he’s usually spoon fed, I’ve been giving him lots of finger foods. He’s good with his hands and does usually have toast or little sandwiches, rice cakes etc so I was hoping that by sucking and playing with the food he might actually get some in him since he was refusing the spoon.

Processed with VSCOcam

Puree, philadelphia sandwiches, breadsticks and houmous and ham

It kind of worked. He normally eats well with finger food but this week it’s been more of a distraction than actually managing to swallow anything I think. I made a bowl of puree anyway so I could be sly and sneak in a few mouthfulls which did seem to work. I’m not too bothered though, as like I said we all lose our appetite when ill. I just made sure he drank lots of milk and water instead.

This morning he did eat well – we both had eggy bread and grilled asparagus and green beans. It was so yummy!

Processed with VSCOcam

Overall he’s probably eaten fine and if he hasn’t, he’s made up for it by taking extra bottles. I’m not a worrier when it comes to babies and their food – after all he’s hardly going to starve! He’ll tell me when he’s hungry which I know will be as soon as he’s better.

Another important tip is to buy some multi vitamins. We use the WellBaby liquid every day because Austin has always drunk below the recommended daily amount of milk for his age. We have spoken to health visitors and they advised that if children drink less than the daily guidline, we should give them these vitamins. It means that even though he doesn’t get enough formula, he will still get all the vitamins he needs which is very important. Even if your baby drinks enough, it’s always good to have a bottle of this at home for days when they are poorly and don’t take in enough food or drink.Vitabiotics_Wellkid_Baby__amp__Infant_Vitamin__amp__Mineral_Liquid_150ml_1414512724

Has your baby had the same problem when poorly?

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Very windy walks and major milestones

Yesterday was a very strange day for us. On a normal Wednesday each week Austin and I walk into town to meet our baby group friends at a large cafe in Guildford. This Wednesday started just the same…

I parked at my friend Annie’s house and we started walking towards town. We met our friend Lissie along the way and all seemed to be going fine until we got to the large and very open park we walk through en route. The wind! I Can’t actually explain how strong the wind was as to be honest I’m still not sure I didn’t make the entire thing up. Lissie had her tiny new puppy who immediately, and very cleverly, jumped straight under the buggy for shelter whilst the rest of us tried to stay upright.

Processed with VSCOcam

This does nothing to show the severity of the wind. The word hurricane would be slightly more appropriate…

The park is so vast and so open which meant there was nothing to break the wind’s speed. I kept turning around to make sure the girls were still behind me and almost every time I was met with the sight of Annie trying desperately to stop her rain cover flying off like a parachute. I probably should have helped but was too busy laughing. Good old baby Betty didn’t seem to care, she slept through the whole ordeal!

We tried to carry on but it was too severe (I know I sound like a total drama Queen and that it couldn’t have compared in any way to a trek at the North Pole but quite frankly you are wrong). At one point I tried to turn around and Austin’s buggy nearly flipped. That’s when we decided enough was enough! We quickly turned back around and made our way out of the open park and back to Annie’s house drenched and traumatized.

Shut-up, it was that bad.

Anyway, finally back at Annie’s house in the warm and dry we had a much nicer morning. Betty and Aoife spent their time fighting over Austin and they even taught him to sit up for the first time!

Processed with VSCOcam

I’m so excited by this milestone, more than any other due to some concerns over his development. There’s nothing wrong with him right now and he’s been doing everything on track or even ahead of schedule, but certain other factors meant he was referred to a pediatrician. He has a few more tests to rule out any issues, but as well as that they said they want to see him complete all the normal milestones roughly on time such as sitting, crawling, standing etc. These would all show his development is absolutely fine. So to see him sitting at nearly 7 months is brilliant!!

Processed with VSCOcam


So after a disastrous morning we actually ended up having a really lovely day. A fab catch up and lunch with friends plus great news for the doctors. Yay!

Thanks for reading 🙂


NUK bottles Facebook giveaway!

I’m running a new giveaway. Hooray!

A while ago I ordered the wrong bottles for Austin and I didn’t get round to returning them for a refund. I’ve now missed the 30 day cut off so rather than try and sell them I thought I’d run a competition for you lovely lot and give them away! Oooh exciting!

get-attachmentThere are 3 brand new NUK bottles still in packaging and untouched with size 1 teat and medium flow hole. Rules are simple!

  • Like my Facebook page
  • Comment under the photo/status on my Facebook page tagging a friend you think may be interesed in winning too

I will be picking a winner by the end of the week.

Good luck!

Thanks for reading and entering! 🙂

Why I plan to shift the baby weight in 2015!

It’s been nearly 7 months since I had Austin and I’ve got to the point where I feel I want to shift the mum tum. I don’t feel in any pressure to do it from anyone else at all, but I have a few big events coming up in 2015 and I’d love to look back at photos and be happy with how I look.

This week I went back to my old faithful Weight Watchers. I did try Diet Chef recently and even though I really loved it at the time, for me it wasn’t going to work long term. Weight Watchers has always worked well for me so I’m straight back to it! I haven’t had my first weigh in yet as I’ve only been dieting for 4 days but I’ve already lost 3lb which I’m very happy with! Just shows how much rubbish I must have been eating over Christmas to lose so much so quick….

imgresIn 2015 this is what’s going down:

  • Feb/March this year we are off to Lanzarote or somewhere similar with friends (must get that booked actually!)
  • May is my best friend’s hen do! We are off to Bath for a relaxing weekend at a spa – swimsuits again!
  • July this year is my best friend’s wedding! AND I’M BRIDESMAID! Tight fitting dress alert…
  • Summer
  • July is also Austin’s first birthday. I’d love to look back at the photos and be pleased with how I looked on the day. July is also mine and my husband’s birthday so we might go away again. Swimsuit!

So, these are the important dates coming up and I have to fit in all sorts of dresses and bikinis. Eeek!

I won’t be filling you in on stones and pounds lost, but I will probably write another post in a month or so with general progress. I’m really pleased I’m bridesmaid as that is a real incentive to look great, so here’s hoping I stick to the diet and look fab by Summer!

Here are some meals I’ve been enjoying this week. I’ve been cooking for myself with some lovely fresh food and it’s been lovely to enjoy some vegetables again after the Christmas period. Grant had pizza the other night and I didn’t even bat an eyelid – breakthrough! My Nutribullet is my most favourite purchase ever – fab zero point fruit smoothies for breakfast every morning and they keep me going until lunch.  I’m sure I’ll blog about that soon too.

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam


Are any of you on the shift-the-baby-weight train with me?!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Weekend Baby Style | Week 5

Welcome to Weekend Baby Style! This linky is very simple and is basically just an #OOTD. Click here for full linky explanation. My new co-host is Sarah from Knott bump & Us so make sure you pop by her post and say hello! 

We’d love you to share your little one’s outfits. It’s so simple! Join in below…

 Austin’s WBS:

This weekend Austin is getting over a cold so is going for something quite comfortable. He’s just moved up to 6-9 month vests so excuse them being a little baggy!

Processed with VSCOcam


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Fred & Noah review. New fabrics and discount code!

Oh, how I love this brand! The owner is a lovely lady called Natalie. She lives in Essex with her family which includes her two boys Fred & Noah – of course! Natalie is a very hard working mummy juggling family life and her business, which started out as just a dream. Natalie cut and stitched and cut and stitched until her hands were sore but it all paid off as she now has her dream – her own brand Fred & Noah! Here is a little peek into Natalie’s creative space



I came across Fred & Noah on Twitter a few months back when somebody I follow retweeted them. All I saw was the phrase ‘baby leggings’ attached to a thumbnail of some grey leggings with monsters on and I was absolutely hooked.


I bought 2 pairs (monsters and anchors) instantly from their Etsy shop and decided to message Natalie. Shortly afterwards we were partnering up and Austin became their brand rep! Austin is a very, very lucky boy. He now owns the entire collection and I’m thrilled to be able to give Natalie the publicity her brand deserves. Austin doesn’t mind either – he loves the camera!


10868211_869340939773978_6793874990054530690_nProcessed with VSCOcam

What I really love about this brand though, is how different their designs are. I am absolutely obsessed with baby leggings but it’s very hard to find any that are suitable for boys and that don’t come from America with huge shipping and customs charges. Fred & Noah make bold, bright leggings that you can set apart from an absolute mile.


As much as I love Austin in leggings, it’s very hard to find any that fit him. His tummy and thighs are chubby, but he has very short legs. Fred & Noah’s leggings are unbelievably stretchy all over and so, so soft! Austin gets a skinny look to his legs but still has tons of room around the waist. My nephew also wears them and his shape could not be more different. He has stick thin legs and a tiny waist, yet the fabric sits perfectly on him too. For me, fit is a big deal as babies need to be comfortable as well as fashionable and I know this brand will never let me down. The fact Natalie now sells matching hats makes me very happy too!


The only things in the collection we don’t own are the girly bits (sad face). I’d love to have a girl just so she could wear these! ❤

1472991_1578115165758981_5347276916047078772_n 1557600_1578054959098335_2475715933788635462_n



Look how cute the girly elephants are!!

10933286_10155085807020582_1087120355_nI really cannot recommend this clothing brand enough – stitched at home in the UK by a hard working mummy – what else could you ask for? Well, maybe you might like some free postage….? Your wish is my command! Natalie has very kindly offered FTM readers free postage – just type AUSTIN15 at the checkout on her Etsy page! Go on, go!

More photos of Austin in rhinos, monkeys and anchors coming soon.

Thanks for reading 🙂

My beauty must-haves

Earlier this week I popped into town to pick up some of my favourite beauty items. They were running low and we can’t have that now, can we? If I let any of these items run out completely without having a spare to hand, I think I’d cry! In my eyes these are absolute must-haves.

Processed with VSCOcam

Every item is from The Body Shop and it’s where I buy absolutely all of my cosmetics and beauty products.

First of all we have the camomile waterproof eye makeup remover (do not get the gentle cream version, it’s pants). The waterproof one is an absolute god send and doesn’t sting your eyes at all. It feels like water but removes all traces of makeup very easily. I wrote a review of it last year which goes into lots of detail about it’s benefits and how to use. You can find that here.

97953m_lNext up is the Lightening Touch pen. It is basically exactly the same as the YSL Touche Eclat we all know and love but a whole lot cheaper. I have used both brands and I have to say there’s really nothing in it – especially not enough to pay an extra £11! (Lightening Touch £14, Touche Eclat £25) The Lightening Touch pen is a light diffusing concealer which works well on dark circles/bags, imperfections and even spots. It is my number one handbag item and I’m never without it.

9893m_lLastly we have the ginger anti-dandruff shampoo and banana conditioner. I first purchased these a few years back and purely because of their smell. The banana conditioner smells just like those sickly foam sweets  (or that bright yellow medicine we were all given as kids). The ginger smells just like ginger cake – but has a real root ginger smell, not one of a sickly ginger cake from the Co-Op. I don’t actually have any dandruff issues, but the smell drew me in all those years ago and I’ve never looked back. To my delight I found these two items to be fantastic for my hair! My hair has honestly never been so soft and shiny. I’ve been using these two together for a long time now and wouldn’t change my hair routine at all.

Do you have any products you couldn’t live without?

Thanks for reading!


My Sunday Photo

Panda pants 🙂

I love baby leggings as you well know, but Austin now owns a different kind – more like tights, wooly and clingy with lovely patterns on the bum – they’re a bit big for him at the moment but we still love them. Although can’t you just tell Daddy got him dressed ? Look at the state of the socks. What a mess!

Processed with VSCOcam

This is my Sunday Photo.

Thanks for reading! 🙂



Weekend Baby Style | Week 4

Welcome back to the Weekend Baby Style Linky! A few days ago you’ll remember that I announced a new co-host who will be joining this week, so please welcome Sarah from Knott Bump & Us !! If you missed the announcement, see here.

This linky is very simple and is basically just a #BOOTD. Click here for full linky explanation and rules. The long and short of it is that I’d love you all to share your favourite baby/child outfit from this weekend.

So simple! Join in below…

Austin’s Weekend Baby Style

So, this week we’ve been in Center Parcs at the Elveden Forest village and we’ve been having a lovely time. Sadly though, today is the day we travel home for the weekend so we’ve chosen comfort over style I’m afraid! The worst part is that as it’s the last day of the holiday, the clothes we have left don’t even match! Apologies everyone….

Processed with VSCOcam

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