Love the little things Week 3 #littleloves


More blogs!! I’ve been so behind lately, what with being busy, but I’m slowly starting to catch up and as a new blogger I’m getting used to finding time in the day to spend reading other people’s blogs and learning more. This week I’ve been loving a blog by another girl called Hannah called Budding Smiles. Both our babies are due very soon and we’ve been chatting all about that. Fab blog, click the link and have a nosey!


As usual every year I’ve been glued to BGT and these guys, I think, are just brilliant!


Since being pregnant and having to be signed off work sick, I have been trying to save money by stopping my fortnightly gel manicure and painting my own nails instead. It’s all well and good but I have to redo them every two days as they chip. This week I treated my fat, swollen, pregnant hands to some lovely gels. For the first time, I went for a french manicure using gel (I used to have french acrylics for about 10 years until I moved to gel colour). They didn’t turn out as great as I hoped – the white isn’t bright enough for me and they look a bit chunky – maybe applied to thick, so next time I’ll get a full colour as usual I think.

nails, gels, shellac, manicure, french manicure



This week I re-discovered my own Spotify! I used to listen to all my music on there daily, but haven’t done for ages. I’ve been listening to my playlist titled ‘Hannah’s favourites’. I’m not great on knowing how to search people on spotify but my username is ‘hannahleber’, so head over and check it out! Here’s a little snippet of the kind of thing you’ll find:



This week I got clever with dying my own babygrows and muslins with Dylon. It was so easy!! Head here to read my blog post and see the results!

dylon, diy, machine dye, muslins, dye your own muslins, dye baby clothes, washing machine, bosch, rubber gloves, navy blue dye, grey dye

And lastly….

Since this week has been about music for me, here’s a thought from Berthold Auerbach that I love

berthold auerbach, music, music, quote, music quote


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16 thoughts on “Love the little things Week 3 #littleloves

  1. Most of the Little Loves posts I’ve read this week have mentioned Spotify and I’ve never even tried it … I really need to get with the times!

    Great job with the Dylon dyeing – the babygro’s look great! x


    • Ooh thank you! So pleased I found your blog too – anyone that lives Iceland is a friend to me!! 🙂
      I’ve heard of the Liebster but as I’m new to blogging I don’t know much about it. Will jump on your blog today and learn though thanks so much for nominating me!!! The name always makes me laugh as my surname is Leber and nickname is Liebster 😉 xx


    • Amazing isn’t it 🙂 loved it as soon as I saw it! I can’t believe I’ve gone a few months barely using Spotify as I usually can’t live without it either! Am definitely back into it now! Xx



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