Oh. Hello 3rd trimester!

Today is a day I never, ever thought I’d see and it feels so weird!
After all the years of trying for a baby and the endless IVF cycles, I’m slowly getting my head around each exciting stage as it comes along. First the positive pregnancy test, midwife appointments (me, having a midwife!) 12 week scan, 20 week and gender scans, 2nd trimester and now the 3rd. I’m so fortunate to be here and still can’t quite believe it!
Today I am 27 weeks pregnant. There’s debate over when the 3rd trimester starts, but I’ve always gone by the English and very popular pregnancy app that I use, and today when I opened it, it said I had reached the 3rd! Eek!
Of course, this now comes with automatically panicking and planning for the final hurdle. All of a sudden I feel I should be getting my hospital bag sorted, planning who will look after the dogs when I go to hospital, bringing the baby home – oh my gosh, I’m actually going to bring a baby home…!
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Right from the beginning we were so over excited after how long it took us to get pregnant, that we had our nursery more or less finished by the time I was 18 weeks! To be fair, we already had a wardrobe from when it was the guest room and were given a cot and glider chair by a friend etc, so all that was left to do was choose colour/theme, get painting and organise the mountains of clothes we had bought/been given.
As it is pretty much completed, I plan to add a little sub heading tomorrow under the ‘Pregnancy’ tab and do a little post of our nursery so far, so look out for that!
As I have a low lying placenta, I need to go for another scan at 32 weeks to check if it has moved. If it has then I am able to go for a natural birth (which I’m desperate to have if I can), but if it hasn’t moved I will need to have a planned C-section. I don’t mind the scars, pain etc but am petrified of being awake in theatre. I have a horrific phobia of theatres/operations/anaesthetic and can’t even imagine my phobia allowing me to actually be awake during an operation so I’m really, really hoping by the scan the placenta has moved. If not, a C-section will be planned for around 11 weeks from now. 11 weeks. ELEVEN WEEKS. I’ll be having a baby in 11 weeks….O…M…G!!!