Love the little things week 5

It’s that time of week again – time for one of my favourite linkys  ‘Love the little things’ with Morgana at But why mummy why. If you want to join in or find out more, click the link and get involved! Here are the little things I’ve been loving this week…



This week we had our second NCT class. The teacher was explaining all about birth, pain relief and the different choices we have when in labour. One thing really interested me which I hadn’t heard about before and that was delayed cord clamping. All sounds a bit gory, doesn’t it? But all it means is that instead of clamping the cord immediately, you wait for it to stop pulsing naturally and then clamp it. The benefits are that the baby will have healthier blood and iron levels. I think there is a slightly higher risk of jaundice, but the health benefits outweigh the risk of that, so it’s something I’ll definitely be putting in my birth plan.



Last night I got roped into watching the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Brazil (downside of being married…) I have to admit it wasn’t as painful as I expected and I actually quite enjoyed it! Very colourful, enjoyable to watch and didn’t drag on forever. Result. I can’t say I’m going to enjoy watching any of the football though. Grant will watch the bigger games each week on the TV, but I’m afraid he’ll be confined to his laptop and earphones for the rest of them. I’m about to give birth to his first son, so he’s in no position to moan….

world cup, brazil, football



This week has been baking hot, so jeans and maternity jumpers are no longer my friend. I am usually a really cold person, but pregnancy has made me hotter than the sun – this child is cooking me from the inside out!!! Literally nothing will cool me down. The only thing that has come close is eating bowls of ice and drinking my magical mint choc chip Starbuck’s fraps. This week I combined the latter with a bargainous new summer dress from Sainsbury’s (£16) and I finally felt a fraction cooler. The dress is my new favouite thing in all the world – it’s very cool and light (actually a tad short for a pregnant person, but hey – I’m cooler in it than anything else so I don’t care!) I’ll be living in it every single day until this summer does a runner, or until the baby comes and my hormones return to that of a normal human.

starbucks, dress, sainsburys, hot, summer



If you’ve been following my ‘Little loves’ each week, you’ll know I’ve been sharing songs from my ‘Favourites’ playlist on Spotify and this week is no different. Here’s another one to wrap your ears around:



Again, it’s another fail this week! I’m hoping the same old excuse of being heavily pregnant will let me off people hoping I might have baked some nice cakes or got my craft head on. I can barely make a proper dinner at the moment I’m so hot and uncomfortable, so will see if anything changes by next week. I promise to have something worth mentioning for this section soon!

And lastly…

It’s my baby shower tomorrow!!! My sister and mum having been working hard, cooking up lots of secrets and I’m very excited! I have lots of friends coming and can’t wait to see them all and enjoy the sunshine and BBQ. I treated myself to some special nails this week – blue tips with little baby bows. CUTE!

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