Austin’s first snow!

So, today is Austin’s first snow! Technically it did pretend to snow the other day but it was so pointless. Nothing settled and the ‘snow’ that was falling wouldn’t even show up in a photo, so we didn’t count that. Also it was at 5pm when it was dark, he was cranky and tired so had no flippin’ idea what was going on.

THIS is snow!

Processed with VSCOcamThis was about 3 seconds after being lifted from his cot. Look at that face! ❤

To be honest though, he looks like this every morning, so it’d be unfair for me to try and pass it off as being happy about snow. Austin is a real morning baby – he’s never once woken crying, just chats to himself quietly or sucks his thumb until I drag myself out of bed and into his room. Well trained, innit.

So anyway, snow. We quickly got dressed (in Surrey if you’re lucky enough to get snow you can guarantee it will rain swiftly after and wash away any sign of it) ready to rush downstairs for photos. Before we rushed anywhere though, we had to pick a suitable outfit. Not me of course, I planned to stay exactly how I was – pyjamas and a topknot that was in dire need of washing. Austin had to wear something appropriate – we found just the thing!

Processed with VSCOcamThis Polar Bear onesie was from Baby Gap and I’m ashamed so say he’s only worn it once before. We put it on this morning and it’s miles too small now – whoops! I might pop it on Ebay as I’m pretty sure it was about £20 new. Right, outfit sorted – off downstairs.

Austin is the most patient child in the morning, he’s always let me get him dressed, have a chat, go downstairs and let the dogs out and so on before he gets his milk. I thought that was normal until family and friends told me that their babies would quite happily take an axe to their face if they did not get their morning milk within 2.7 seconds of waking up. The bizarre thing is that he sleeps for around 14 hours a night so you’d think he’s be starving! I’m very lucky with him really.

Today though we needed photos and that was Daddy’s job. I woke Grant up and forced him (yes forced, he had no choice) downstairs. He quickly let the dogs out whilst I wrapped Austin up in a snow suit. I’m sure he’s too young to know any different but I’m pretty sure he noticed the colour difference – I’ve never seen him so interested in the garden before!

Processed with VSCOcam


Processed with VSCOcam

It’s a bit too chilly to keep him outdoors for more than a few minutes because he’s had a stinking cold and cough for the last week and we think he might finally be getting rid of it, so he’ll stay indoors for the rest of today (as we have done for the past 5. SHOW ME ALL THE WINE).

So there we go! Austin’s first snow 🙂

Where abouts in the country are you and do you have snow today?

Thanks for reading!