Fisher Price Newborn-to-Toddler Play gym review

Even though Austin has been sitting up unaided for around a month now, he’s still a little wobbly. We were recently contacted by Mattel to as if we’d like to review the Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Play Gym, so the timing was perfect.

There are three ‘grow with me’ stages and even though he is a little too old for the newborn setting, the stage 2 Sit and Play setting is great for his age. It has a comfy mat, plus has lots to do and play with to keep his attention. I’ve found it helps to keep him upright as he has more to focus on and hold on to.

Newborn stage 1 playmat setting

Newborn stage 1 playmat setting

The stand up stage looks good to – Austin will be tall enough to put the balls in the top and watch them roll down the sides – something I’m sure he’ll find hilarious! The dancing lights and great range of music is a fab feature. There is baby-activated short play music, or long play for up to 20 minutes of music. Another good thing to know is that the ball/chute game (if a little clunky and noisy) helps develop fine motor skills, gross motor skills, balance & coordination.

stand up stage 3 toddler setting

stand up stage 3 toddler setting

Austin has had lots of fun testing out this product and I’m sure he’s going to love it for months to come!


stage 2 setting


stage 2 setting

stage 2 setting (large playmat is my own)

How do I rate this item?

This product all-round is pretty good, I’m a fan of the lights, music, soft mat and ball game. There are a couple of downsides for me though….

I think it’s quite pricey retailing at just under £50 and I’m also not sure whether I’d want to keep it up in my front room until Austin is walking – I think it would feel like an unnecessary piece of equipment unfortunately. He already has so many items downstairs – a playmat, toy baskets, sensory box, Jumperoo, ball pool, bouncer chair, V-Tech walker – the list goes on. He’s only 8 months but I’m already looking forward to being able to put things like the playmat, Jumperoo and bouncer up in the loft very soon – I have a large house but my lounge and dining room honestly look like a nursery!

I think the aim for a lot of parents is to eliminate big items that take up space as their baby gets older, especially by the time they’re walking. Once they’re up on their feet they are off discovering everything at their new higher level. For me, it’s a chance to clear away the baby gear and get some of my house back! Older children don’t need quite so many huge contraptions – I feel that by the time most people had a toddler, they’d probably want rid of play gyms and such which, for me, sadly leaves the 3rd stage of this product slightly redundant 😦

That is just my take on the 3rd stage though. If you’re happy to have a play gym in the house with a toddler, then it’s a lovely one to choose! Another thing to think about is if they’ve had it since very young and used it through the first 2 stages, I’m not sure that the 3rd stage offers enough to keep them interested. After a year of putting balls down the chute, the novelty may wear off a little. However if you plan to purchase it around Austin’s age then I think your little one would still find lots of fun to be had even at the 3rd stage.

Even though I’ve wrestled with a few of the main selling points – it being a newborn-to-toddler item, plus the size and type of toy still being in your home with a walker, I still think it’s a good product. I’d give it a score of 3/5.

Thanks for reading!