When to switch your child from sleeping bag to duvet

Last week I decided it might be time to try Austin with a duvet. Ha! What an idiot. Look at his face, mocking me.

Since he was a few months old he has slept in a sleeping bag, but this summer it got so hot, he started to sleep in just a vest. Once it got a little cooler again recently, he was going to bed in a pair of full pjs. Now he was happily sleeping without needing a bag I thought maybe I should add a duvet in preparation for Winter. He’s 14 months old now, what could go wrong?!

I had no idea.

On the night in question I placed the duvet over him tucking it in slightly at the sides – enough to be secure (or so I thought), but lose enough for him to be able to move around. By the time I’d got downstairs and turned the video monitor on, he’d fallen asleep but he’d already kicked the covers off. Brilliant. Luckily for the first trial night I’d dressed him in enough layers so he wouldn’t be really cold if this happened.

An hour later I went up to put it back over him while he slept. Ten minutes later he’d rolled over and kicked it off again. Of course he had. One last time I put it over him at 11pm when I went up to bed, but from then on during the entire night I was kept awake by him stirring and moaning. Looking at the monitor I could see he was sitting up and rolling around blatantly annoyed at this massive pile of padding shoved in his bed. You could almost read his mind “Mother, what the bloody hell do you think you’re playing at?”

Doesn’t he know he has a brand new duvet and sheets?! Everyone knows there’s nothing better than a bed with fresh sheets! Crazy child. I shall remind him of this when he’s a student and won’t vacate his stinking pit. “You know, when you were 1 you cried just because I put you in the same vicinity as a duvet and now look at the state of you”.

I digress. Fortunately I’d tested the duvet situation before it got too chilly, so he didn’t wake from being cold. I’m very sad to say that the brand new duvet and sheets are back in the cupboard where they will most probably stay until he moves in to a proper bed. They are grey with chevrons on and everything 😦


I’ve decided that even though Austin is technically old enough for a duvet, he has absolutely no clue what to do with it. After trying it out, I feel that he needs to have the awareness to pull it back over himself if he’s chilly. Right now if he woke up cold, he’d start crying which would wake me up and aint nobody got time for that unneccessary shizz.

After ‘duvet gate’ Austin went back to sleeping in just pyjamas, but now the temperature has dropped he’s back in his sleeping bag. Happy as a pig and back to sleeping his usual unbroken 14 hours at night. I know, feel free to hate me – I don’t care!


I’d love to know your experiences of this switch – did you try to make the change early and fail like me? Did you leave it really late and it worked? Fill me in! 🙂

Thanks for reading