Love the little things Week 4 #littleloves

As usual I’m joining in with Morgana over at But why mummy why for her Love the little things linky. If you want to join in, click the link and learn how! Here are the little things I’ve loved this week:


As usual, lots more blogs!! I’ve been discovering lots more bloggers and great linkys this week too, such as Jessica’s fab blog Lilypod and Sweetpea and the Weekend Blog Hop linky by Claire Justine. Head over to their sites and have a look! I’ve also been asked to guest post for Jessica while she’s on holiday later this month, which I’m really excited about so watch out for that too!


I’ve not watched much TV or anything at all this week I’m afraid. As I’ve been on sick leave for months now, I think I’m a bit fed up of TV. There is one exception to that though of course – Dickinson’s Real Deal. I can’t get enough of that orange nutcase!

david dickinson, tv, dickinsons real deal



Same answer as always – maternity clothes!!! Don’t get me wrong, after 5 cycles of IVF and a hell of a lot of effort to get here, I’m definitely not going to moan – but man, do I want my old clothes back!! Maternity clothes were so exciting at first and even though I LOVE my bump, it’s very easy to stare at my pre-pregnancy clothes and wish I could wear them again, especially in this heat! So far at 33 weeks pregnant I’m nearly 3 stone heavier than normal, so I’m really looking forward to Weight Watchers, all the buggy walks, getting back to my old size 10 and all with a baby in tow!!

pregnant, pregnancy, tattoos, bump


This week I’m still enjoying my Spotify account and can’t believe I abandoned it for so long! Here is another snippet from my ‘favourites’ playlist. I adore Band of Horses and this one of my favourite tracks. So much love. If you have time, just Stop. Listen. Enjoy. It’s a beauty.


Oh dear. I’ve failed here too! I bought a pizza from a supermarket and then added peppers and extra cheese. that counts as making something, right?


And lastly…

Big Brother has started this week. That is all.


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Love the little things, week 1 #littleloves

This is the first time I’ve tried linking up and attempting to learn what a ‘linky’ even is! I’ve chosen to link up with Morgana (butwhymummywhy) and her #littleloves linky using her headings to let you know what I’ve been loving this week…


A few weeks ago I started this blog and have been playing around ever since trying to get it right and learn all the blogging terms! I have spent the week reading other people’s blogs and have come across some great ones! Obviously butwhymummywhy, plus Twinmummyanddaddy, letstalkmommy and many more! I’m really enjoying learning all about the world of blogging and finding some great writers!


My 4D scan video! Recently we went to a clinic in Banstead, Surrey to get a private 4D scan and it was amazing! As usual, he was hiding his face so I had to eat some chocolate and jump around for 15 minutes before going back to try again. Luckily it did the trick and he had changed position, meaning we could see him perfectly! We paid for a package that included 4 photos and a 10 minute dvd. This week I can’t stop watching it!




At nearly 30 weeks pregnant, not much fits me anymore! As I have chronic SPD/PGP – a condition brought on by pregnancy, I’m living in maternity joggers and comfy tops lately. The condition means I can’t leave the house to go further than my mum’s house in the next road and even then I have to drive there, as walking even around the house is too much for me now. Basically my hips and whole pelvic area has completely siezed up and makes every movement agony! It really does kill, but I know that very soon he will be here and it will all be so worth it!! Here are my H&M maternity joggers that I really do live in – I truly believe they were sewn together by angels.

h&m maternity trousers jogging bottoms


This is unreal. A duet by Marcelle Antunes and Dan Barrett, they are part of the worship team at my Church. On Sunday, they performed this and pretty much blew everyone’s socks off. One of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a long time. You really, REALLY must listen and see just how amazing the talent in my church is…

Marcelle and Dan duet


This week (and the last couple of months) it’s been all about sweet foods in this house. I have been a savoury person my whole life and would never ever have chosen to have pudding, I don’t usually like chocolate and sweet things just never interested me. However, the third trimester has changed that and now all I want in the whole world is sweet stuff. This week my invention has been American waffles, banoffee ice cream and belgian chocolate sauce. I have been making one every day after supper and if anyone even attempted to remove the ingredients from my house, I could not be blamed for my actions.

american waffle with ice cream and chocolate sauce

And lastly….

Washing all of our reusable nappies and muslins! Sounds a bit boring, but having them all hung up to dry in the lounge makes it all very real that in a matter of weeks we will actually have a baby. A real baby to keep! Eeeeeek!

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