We’re off on holibobs!

I thought I’d write a little something to let you know that we might go a bit quiet over the next 10 days… We’re off on holiday! We are flying to Fuerteventura this week with our lovely friends Claire, Tom and their baby Dougie. We all met in our NCT class, however Claire and I ended up in opposite beds when having our babies and then Austin and Dougie ended up being born just 6 hours apart! Austin was born at 7pm and Dougie at 1am meaning they won’t share the same birthday – something they’ll thank us for when they’re older I bet!


Here are the two babies on their first summer pub lunch together!

I’ve made the decision not to blog during our time away or for a few days either side. I spend so much time on my computer during nap times/evenings so I really want to spend some quality time concentrating on family and friends for the week without being glued to the laptop. I may still post on Instagram and on my blog’s Facebook page although I have heard the wifi is shocking where we’re heading so I may even go totally silent!

camas-balinesas-carlotajpgThat is where we’re off to and I can’t wait! Look out on Instagram for photos and there will be lots more when we’re home.

Have a great week everyone!