Free Prints – photo printing app review

It took me literally DAYS of google searching, review reading and app testing to finally find a perfect and cheap app for printing and delivering photos. I tried the Tesco app (good app but have to collect in store), Jessops (app is a mess and didn’t deliver what I wanted in any way), Snapfish (webiste version is great, app is hideous – doesn’t upload, crashes etc) Then, there it was – Free Prints!


I’m someone that likes to keep things old fashioned (she says, writing her blog from her MacBook Air). Honestly though, I like writing with a pen and paper, talking to people face to face instead of texting etc. The main problem of mine is that everything is turning digital so quickly – mainly photographs.

When we were kids, my parents had a big basket full of photos in their paper/card envelopes, complete with negatives in the front pocket. I loved getting them all out every few months and spending hours on the carpet looking through pictures of all of us as babies, my parents as babies, trips we’d been on and family gatherings over the years. I hate that my kids will now have to look at photos of me and my husband, or themselves as babies through a computer screen, tapping buttons to get to the next one or watching some hideous slideshow. Unless you organise your photos into albums monthly, surely they’ll all get lost in the world of your Facebook newsfeed or in the mirky depths of your iPhoto library. I love the look of the old fashioned envelopes, and having the actual photos there to touch – in real life. I loved it as a child and hope my kids will love my photo collection too – it really will seem old fashioned to them in their digital era!

I wanted to find the simplest way of getting photos printed. Nothing fancy, just standard 6×4 but without having to trek to town and wait an hour. I searched for apps but they were all terrible. I then came across, downloaded it and it was a breeze. You can search through your phone library, Instagram account, Facebook albums and many more options. You simply tap the photos you want and it creates an album. If you accidentally shut the app everything is still saved. You can delete photos from the album quickly, change the sizes of the pictures and lots of other user friendly, easy and quick options. It’s such an easy app to learn and use and I highly reccommend it!

I have decided that since I take so many photos on my phone and especially with the baby coming along very soon, I don’t want to miss any photos being printed. I have used to app for the last few months and will continue to do so from now on. At the end of each month, I go on the app, quickly choose 30 or 40 photos taken since my last order and press send. My card details, address and all info are already stored from my first order, so a couple of taps and I’m finished. They arrive very quickly to my door in the post and I love opening them up and remembering which ones I picked to print. Free Prints also send you a slip that gives you the option of receiving a free larger 7×5 print free too, so I tend to look through my pack, decide which is best from that month, nip onto the website and get that one sent free.


The best part of all is the price. You get up to 45 6×4 prints per month (up to 500 per year) absolutely free!!!!!! The only thing you pay for is postage which starts at £1.49 and is never more than £3.99. Other than that, charges only apply if you want larger sized prints, or multiple copies of the same photo. I’m not bothered by those options, so I get 45 6×4 prints delivered to me each month for £3.99 max.

I think that’s pretty cool and I’m very excited to be building up a big photo basket just like the one my parents had, for my children to look through when they’re older. I can already imagine them laughing at mummy’s clothes or daddy’s haircut all the way back in 2014.

I was not approached or paid by Free Prints to write this review, it was my decision and all views are my own.