Connect group

Connect Groups in London, Surrey and surrounding areas.

Connect groups are a brilliant social source which were started by my church, Hillsong. They’re basically a whole load of groups that happen in all different areas to keep people connected during the week and everyone is welcome, whether you attend church or not! 

I run a fortnightly Sisterhood Connect Group (for ladies) in Guildford, Surrey on Friday mornings. My group is mostly made up of mums, nannies and women who don’t work on Fridays and want to get out and socialize. We tend to meet for walks or in different cafes (basically wherever has the tastiest muffins and hottest coffee) and spend a couple of hours catching up and getting to know the new people that come along each time. There’s only a few of us in the group that actually go to Church and all of the others don’t, so if you’re not into Church, don’t let that put you off! 😉 

If you live in the South East and fancy getting connected socially with other like minded people, whether you’re male/female, a mum, a student or whoever you are, I can fill you in and put you in touch with a local group that meets at a time that suits you!




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