Autumn ‘fairy lights and fire logs’ playlist

Autumn is probably my favourite time of year. I’m never sad to see the Summer leave when it’s replaced with Cinnamon Yankees, blankets on the sofa, twinkly lights around my bed and pumpkin spice lattes everywhere.


Instagram loses it’s beach shots and hotdog legs, but it gains Starbucks cups held by gloves, Autumn leaves, cosy evening photos of slippers on footstools in front of the fire and quite frankly I’m very excited about it. It means the next best thing is just around the corner – snow, Christmas trees and baubles!

I grew up with my dad force feeding us Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac and I’m so glad he did. My music collection still contains albums by all of these people and many similar sounds.

I’ve decided to put together a playlist every season. My first is full of tracks I feel suit Autumn down to a T. Whether I’m walking through the park on a crisp evening crunching the leaves under my Mulberry boots sipping my pumpkin spice, sitting in front of the crackling fire with a blanket, or relaxing in bed with a hot chocolate surrounded by fairy lights, these are the songs I’d choose as my soundtrack. I’d love to know what you think. Enjoy!




2 thoughts on “Autumn ‘fairy lights and fire logs’ playlist

    • I know what you mean, I have to force myself to make time for it – when you have a baby it’s easy not to Stop and listen! Although I rarely listen to radio and I doubt id know any of the names in the top 10, but spotify is my saviour for new music ❤ xx



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