Look after my linky while I’m away! #weekendbabystyle

So, last night I posted to say I will be going abroad at 5am on Friday. I did think about hosting the linky as usual by scheduling a post to publish on Friday morning but the problem with that is that I have to manually enter my own post into the linky which confuses things a little as I’ll be thousands of feet in the air! I could have done this once I arrive to my hotel – but sadly I hear the wifi is terrible there.


I won’t be back until the following Saturday at 1am. This also means I’m going to miss the following week too! 😦 Again, I could link up on the Saturday but after arriving home on a plane a few hours before with a 7 month old – let’s face it, that ain’t gon’ happen! I also didn’t think it was very fair to put my own link up this week while away, let you all visit and comment on my blog but then not have enough internet coverage to visit and comment on your own blogs in return.

Soooo…. I am going to leave the linky in the very, very capable hands of my co-host Sarah from Knott Bump & Us. If you don’t follow her on Twitter and Instagram already, please, please do so (you’ll find her social media links on her blog, so click on the link I just included to find those) otherwise you’ll miss out on the linky! We have so many lovely faithful linkers and we’d hate to lose you over the next fortnight just because you didn’t see the cue for linking.

Weekend style linky badgeSarah has just started a new job and has gone back to full time work this week – go Supermum!! This means it’s going to be a lot of work for her to make sure she gets posts ready and share on social media/her blog so would be amazing if you could all get behind her by following her and linking up as usual when she lets you know the linky is live 🙂

Thank you all so much for understanding – of course when I’m home and recovered from the flight/mountains of washing I will be looking back on the two weeks I missed and I’m really looking forward to seeing which lovely outfits you entered and commenting on how great they are! Sarah will also have the lovely job of choosing which her favourite outfits were so if you entered last week, watch out this week for who she picks – the same goes for the following week too.

See you all on the linky in a fortnight when I’ll be back on form!

I’ll try not to get too tanned…..

See ya! 🙂 ❤



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