The Weaning Diaries | 7 month old daily menu and portion sizes

It’s always interesting to see how much all of your little one’s eat as every baby is so different! I know some mums really worry about how much to offer or let their baby eat. I tend not to be a worrier with food and know that he won’t starve himself. If some days he doesn’t eat much, I don’t panic as he’ll probably eat more the day after – or maybe he’s just not that hungry! For those that are having any feeding issues or worries here is our 7 month feeding routine if you fancy having a nosey…

At the moment Austin’s day goes a little like this:

Example given for a day when waking at 7.45am

8am: He’ll drink anywhere between 3 and 6oz formula (he’s never been a big drinker)

9am: Porridge – maybe about 3tbsp of powder plus 2 or 3oz formula. This is mixed with 1 tbsp of fruit puree. ย I also mix in 5ml multivitamin liquid – this makes sure he gets everything he needs even if he doesn’t drink much milk in a day. A few times a week I’ll also give him some toast with cream cheese so that he gets used to eating finger foods.

imgres-212-1pm (depending when he wakes from his long morning nap) Half to Three quarters of a stage 2 Ella’s Kitchen pouch. He will happily eat any of these flavours. Sausage and mash, fish pie, chicken casserole etc. Sometimes he will eat the whole bowl. Other day he plays up and spits it out but generally he eats very well. Sometimes I’ll give him a little ham sandwich or some of my omelette as well. This is followed by custard, yoghurt, rice pudding or any other milky dessert.

images-13-3.30 pm He’ll drink anywhere between 2 and 5oz depending on how much he ate for lunch

5pm Half to three quarters of a stage 2 Ella’s Kitchen pouch – again any flavour. I’ll usually add cheese to this meal for extra calcium. Followed by fruit puree. We use the Organix fruit pots with pieces in. I want to avoid Austin being fussy with lumps so have always included them wherever possible!


imgres-36-7pm (depending on when he woke from PM nap) Bedtime bottle – usually about 5 or 6oz but the last few night has only taken an oz or two. Not sure what that is about but it hasn’t interrupted his sleep so I’m not too worried. He definitely eats enough solids and because he gets multivitamins I don’t think he’s missing out. Will mention to Health Visitor next time though if he carries it on.

Bed – Austin has never had a DF and unless he’s very ill he’ll always sleep right through until anywhere between 7:30am – 9am.

I think Austin does generally eat quite a lot. His portions seem to be quite big, but then again he doesn’t drink much milk so maybe that’s why. Also he did wean at 4 months old due to bad reflux so he’s had a long time to build up portion sizes.

I haven’t really started with snacks in between yet due to the fact he wakes up quite late in the morning. Waking up late means there is just enough time toย space out 3 meals and 3 bottles, but if I tried to add snack in I think it would probably leave him too full for his next meal. Some days are different, like today for example. I was eating brunch and he couldn’t stop staring! I pulled him up into his highchair and gave him a rice cake to eat so that he felt he was part of my meal time.

imgres-4I’m pretty relaxed with food – if we’re out at a restaurant he can eat whatever he likes even if it isn’t the right time. Most of the time we’re eating at home at around the same times, so if we’re not in the house the ‘routine’ vanishes a bit. Fortunately Austin is pretty flexible with food and wouldn’t scream with hunger if he goes an hour later than usual.

He has started to play up a bit lately though! Just the usual baby tricks – blowing raspberries with a mouthful of food, whinging on the savoury food yet eating his entire pudding (Come on mum’s, show of hands for every time your baby has pulled that one?!) The nanny in me is determined not to let him win – we’ll see how that goes….

How is your little one eating and how do their meals/portion sizes differ from Austin’s?

Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

16 thoughts on “The Weaning Diaries | 7 month old daily menu and portion sizes

  1. I must admit, since Joey started weaning I’d been really unsure of portion sizes. But I just give him like half of a pouch and he always eats it all. He’s still on 4 6oz bottles a day. So I think Joey’s portions are a bit similar to Austin’s


  2. It sounds like he’s a great eater! My son just went through a phase of basically not eating anything and just nursing non stop!! Glad to say that phase is over and he’s eating what ever he can get his hands on now. He’s 18 months old now, and some days I think he eats more than me!!


  3. Oh I love this post. Teddy must be greedy because he will have 7oz of milk every 4 hours still even when he has porridge, dinner and tea! haha. I give him the Ella’s kitchen pouches too but he seems to gag (only thing hes ever been a bit funny with!) with the Ella’s kitchen porridge?
    I haven’t been brave enough with finger foods like toast yet as I’ve gave him a rusk twice now and he likes to chomp half off and cough so I almost have a heart attack every time haha. xxxx


    • Haha awwww. Nope not greedy Austin is just weird and doesn’t drink milk! He likes Ellas porridge though. We had out first dislike today I think -he really wasn’t keen on the Ellas beef stew!! Xx


  4. He’s such a little dream! Toby’s still not having tea because it seems to cause his tummy issues at night. He loved the Organix porridge for breakfast and he also enjoy banana and toast with dairy free spread. The dairy free thing is making life hard because we’ve had no guidance as to what might also cause issues so he was going great guns then houmous made him ill and we were back to basics! Ho hum! Glad Austin is doing so well, he’s ace!xx

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  5. It’s really interesting that you put Multivitamin Liquid into Austin’s porridge! I would have never thought of that. May I ask which brand you use for when the time comes with Florence? For some reason Florence has stopped drinking her full 5oz bottles and now wants 8 3oz bottles a day!!! x


    • Oh wow busy mum!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ They all go through odd things don’t they! Haha. Yes the vitamins are fab bevause even if he doesn’t get enough food or milk I know that he’s had what he actually needs which is the most important bit ๐Ÿ™‚ we use the wellbaby/well kid liquid – not drops. You can use them from tiny I think! Xx


  6. Loving your posts on weaning. Aca is 12 weeks old, has 5 9oz bottles a day and I’ve just started him on rusks twice a day. I couldn’t keep up with it all as he’s such a demanding baby ๐Ÿ˜ฌ but the rusks seem to be helping ๐Ÿ‘ love your idea of vitamins but I doubt we’ll have a problem with our little guzzler lol!!

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  7. I always worry that S eats too much but then worry that she doesn’t eat enough haha! She’s now moved on to cows milk and likes that a lot more than formula (you might find Austin is the same when he’s old enough!) plus 3 meals aday. S loves the Ella’s kitchen punches too but only on the rare occasion x

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  8. We went out for dinner yesterday and my 7mo had a whole pouch of Ella’s kitchen then started on her 4yo brothers pasta! She would probably eat non stop if I let her, but my lb isn’t a big eater. Her nappy stank of Ella’s kitchen this morning, grim!!

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    • Haha niiiiice! Yep austin is like that – he’s stopped the spitting and just will eat and eat! Although I’ve worked out if I over feed him he gets sicky so have been giving half a pouch per day lately and sick has stopped and milk per bottle has increased so all evens itself out in the end! X



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