Shifting the baby weight – Progress

So as you’ll probably remember, I wrote a post recently about why I plan to lose my mum tum. If you missed it you can read it HERE.

Another week on Weight Watchers and I’m really enjoying it! I think because my motivation is so big this time round so I’m finding it easier to stick to. Yesterday was the first time since starting where I just wanted to eat all the chocolate ever made, but fortunately I resisted. I quickly heated up some soup and scoffed it down before my greed got the better of me. Once I was full, the need for chocolate vanished. I honestly don’t know what happened – I’m not even that keen on chocolate!!

I’ve learned this week not to let myself get to the point us Westerners would call ‘starving’. You know how they say never do your weekly food shop on an empty stomach? It’s kind of the same when dieting. If you let yourself feel really, really hungry the temptation to just devour anything in sight can be huge. Much like the cake below. Doesn’t it look good…..

Chocolate-fingers-cakeStop it Hannah, you don’t even like chocolate, remember..?

Anyway, I’ve been very happy with my week and have lost another couple of pounds. Nearly half a stone in 2 weeks – that’ll do nicely! The hard work starts now though as I plan to get back on the cross trainer. We have one at home and I hate the damn thing. Well, it’s done nothing to offend me personally to be fair, but I just do not enjoy exercise – at all. I’ve decided though that the first half a stone was always going to be the easiest to lose – now I need to crank it up a notch.

Processed with VSCOcamMy other savior has been my Nutribullet. I’ve been having a massive fruit smoothie every morning and I’m surprised how much I love them! They are 0 pro points too which means I can save up points for a nice big lunch and dinner, or some naughty treats if I prefer. I really think my morning Nutriblast has been a big reason for not feeling starving all day when dieting. They’re so filling and can they mean I can get to lunchtime before eating into my daily points. Literally.

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9 thoughts on “Shifting the baby weight – Progress

  1. I lost weight with ww twice. Once before baby, once to shift baby weight. I swear it’s the best diet plan going. Only one that works for me as I can be a bit fussy and don’t like a huge amount if foods. So once I know the points for the moan meals I eat, it’s easy peasy from there! Good luck and keep up the good work! Alex xx

    P.S I’ve written posts about it at some point x

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  2. Well done Hannah! I’ve lost 10lb with Weight Watchers in four weeks. It’s the best diet for me because I’m the World’s fussiest vegetarian so I’m still able to eat as normal, I just learn how to eat less! Keep going xxx

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  3. I love weight watchers! It is the only diet I can understand and know that I don’t have to limit myself anything. A friend of mine wrote on facebook how she really wanted a chocolate – and she is on a juice diet – all of her friends are saying “Don’t give in you can do it!” I love that on WW I can lose my weight eating foods I love and foods I will continue to eat after goal weight too!

    You are doing great! I love the idea of a Nutribullet I have recently bought a soup maker and can make juices in there, think I will try and make them in the mornings for breakfast ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Ooh I love my Nutribullet too, it is a lifesaver! I also use it to make ‘pink smoothies’ for my fussy 3 year old (where the pink is actually beetroot – sneaky!).

    I hate cross trainer too – it hides in the laundry, laughing at me through the door. One day I’ll remove all the crap lying on top of it and give it a good thrashing, ha ha.

    Good job, great progress ๐Ÿ™‚

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