Weekend Baby Style | Week 6

Welcome to Weekend Baby Style! This linky is very simple and is basically just an #OOTD. Click here for full linky explanation. My new co-host is Sarah from Knott bump & Us so make sure you pop by her post and say hello! 

We’d love you to share your little one’s outfits. It’s so simple! Join in below…

 Austin’s WBS:

Oh no – another week of comfort over style I’m afraid! Austin has a horrid cold which is making him really miserable. On days like this even pulling something down over his head can make him go into one, so it’s onesies for both of us. He doesn’t look ill here, but it was a lucky shot, trust me!

Processed with VSCOcam

 White vest with black triangles – Mothercare

Aeroplane and clouds sleepsuit – Baby Gap

Processed with VSCOcam

We are hoping to be back to our fashion savvy selves next week, apologies everyone! What is your little one wearing this weekend?

The rules!

  • Add the link to your post below and join in with the fun
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  • Don’t forget most importantly to visit other entries and share some love for their outfits too! 🙂

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30 thoughts on “Weekend Baby Style | Week 6

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  2. Oh bless him I hope he gets better soon! Still a lovely choice of one pieces. I noticed he is wearing those beads, I’ve heard a lot about them! What do you think of them? xx


    • So far I swear by them as we’ve never had teething problems and he’s 7 months. Although he has no teeth through yet so time will tell!! So many friends with older babies swear by them too so they’re definitely worth a go!! Austin has had his on since 8 weeks and they never come off, even in bed xx


  3. I lovvvvvvvve that sleepsuit with the aeroplanes and clouds. Such a lovely colour. Hope he’s over his cold soon, at least he still managed a little smile for us! It feels like Isla has had one for months now. Exhausting!xx #weekendbabystyle


  4. Austin is just too cute! I love these & just all of his clothes! What is the necklace for? I love the ankle bracelets and I’ve seen a few before – even on my friends baby but always thought it was just an accessory until I seen them a lot & just seen that above comment! xx


    • They’re for teething! They are amber which is supposed to be a warming stone. No idea how it works and sounds like rubbish but everyone swears by them including me! Thanks for reading hun!! 🙂 zx



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