Very windy walks and major milestones

Yesterday was a very strange day for us. On a normal Wednesday each week Austin and I walk into town to meet our baby group friends at a large cafe in Guildford. This Wednesday started just the same…

I parked at my friend Annie’s house and we started walking towards town. We met our friend Lissie along the way and all seemed to be going fine until we got to the large and very open park we walk through en route. The wind! I Can’t actually explain how strong the wind was as to be honest I’m still not sure I didn’t make the entire thing up. Lissie had her tiny new puppy who immediately, and very cleverly, jumped straight under the buggy for shelter whilst the rest of us tried to stay upright.

Processed with VSCOcam

This does nothing to show the severity of the wind. The word hurricane would be slightly more appropriate…

The park is so vast and so open which meant there was nothing to break the wind’s speed. I kept turning around to make sure the girls were still behind me and almost every time I was met with the sight of Annie trying desperately to stop her rain cover flying off like a parachute. I probably should have helped but was too busy laughing. Good old baby Betty didn’t seem to care, she slept through the whole ordeal!

We tried to carry on but it was too severe (I know I sound like a total drama Queen and that it couldn’t have compared in any way to a trek at the North Pole but quite frankly you are wrong). At one point I tried to turn around and Austin’s buggy nearly flipped. That’s when we decided enough was enough! We quickly turned back around and made our way out of the open park and back to Annie’s house drenched and traumatized.

Shut-up, it was that bad.

Anyway, finally back at Annie’s house in the warm and dry we had a much nicer morning. Betty and Aoife spent their time fighting over Austin and they even taught him to sit up for the first time!

Processed with VSCOcam

I’m so excited by this milestone, more than any other due to some concerns over his development. There’s nothing wrong with him right now and he’s been doing everything on track or even ahead of schedule, but certain other factors meant he was referred to a pediatrician. He has a few more tests to rule out any issues, but as well as that they said they want to see him complete all the normal milestones roughly on time such as sitting, crawling, standing etc. These would all show his development is absolutely fine. So to see him sitting at nearly 7 months is brilliant!!

Processed with VSCOcam


So after a disastrous morning we actually ended up having a really lovely day. A fab catch up and lunch with friends plus great news for the doctors. Yay!

Thanks for reading 🙂



6 thoughts on “Very windy walks and major milestones

  1. Great news. I think they change so much when they achieve these milestones. Looking through photos from just a couple of months ago and Jimi has gone from looking like a baby to a wee boy so fast. We’ll be celebrating their 1st birthdays before we know it! 🙈



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