Blog milestones

Wow, I really can’t believe how many readers/followers I’ve gained since creating my blog just a few months ago. I started writing when I was pregnant – mostly due to boredom actually! I had been signed off sick with SPD since 18 weeks so by 30 weeks I’d really had enough. I found some pregnancy blogs online and thought “I could do this!” Eight months later – here we are. I have a 6 month old baby and a healthy looking blog!

My blog itself has had nearly 17,000 people read it. That’s insane!


I made my blog’s Facebook page a month or two ago and so far have 187 likes. I’m sure I don’t have that many friends and family so it’s lovely to see new people following it!

My Instagram page started with a few hundred followers (built up over a number of years) but in the last few months it has risen to over 1,400! (I did have 1,600 but Instagram recently cleared out their spam accounts. I’m grateful to have only lost 200!)

My Twitter page started with about 90 followers and has now risen to 445 – and I don’t even use it! I absolutely must get better at this, especially as Twitter is such a huge platform for brands to find me. I used to use Twitter every second of every day many years ago on a different account but these days I just don’t have time. Instagram is my true love when it comes to social media!

I am someone who doesn’t blog every day yet. I had 3 or 4 months ‘off’ at the end of my pregnancy/when Austin was born, so I’ve really only been writing properly for a couple of months overall. It still astounds me that this many people have read my posts or stumbled across them somehow on Google. When I started I really thought my mum would read it and that’s about it! I couldn’t have been more wrong…

Austin is now a brand rep and model for some amazing online clothing brands which means we constantly get parcels arriving full of beautiful new clothes to keep. I’ve been contacted by some other large name brands wanting to send me their products for free in exchange for a review which I’ve really enjoyed doing too.


Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 20.35.16

The life of a blogger aint half bad getting all this stuff for free, eh?! Having said that, it’s not really for free at all. It is very hard work and all these lovely free things don’t come easy. For brands to notice you, you have to write a LOT, share your posts on all social media platforms, multiple Facebook pages, be interactive in lots of online places and sometimes even go to the trouble of contacting these brands yourself. Even just the writing is hard – if you want to keep followers and attract brands you need to write all the time. I spend most evenings drafting or editing posts, I spend my days taking photographs for future posts – sometimes I’ll admit I go a week or two without posting – but hey, I have a baby and get busy! I do see lots of mum’s with 3 young children, or twins/triplets who blog every day and I genuinely have no idea how they fit it all in! Super mums!

I do love it even though it can be a lot of work, but sometimes, naturally, I wonder if all the effort is worth it. The thing that keeps me going is knowing that Austin is going to have the most wonderful archive full of his own history to look back on. He can simply click back on any given month during a year of his choice and see exactly what he was getting up to – with photos to prove it!


I do wonder sometimes if I spend too much time taking photos/being on my phone/computer and so on – which I’m sure nearly all modern-day mums can relate to. Am I spending too much time pointing a camera at Austin? Is my priority to make sure he has a personal online catalogue to read when he’s 20, or to spend quality time with him right now? Am I spending enough time watching every moment with my eyes instead of through a lens? Blogging takes up so much time, but if I’m honest I know I am definitely spending enough time with him without a camera in hand. I watch him all day long – he’s too cute to stop staring at! I do know I have nothing to worry about there, but as a mum I’ve learnt that there will always be something to feel guilty about, even if it’s not justified.

I have to stop giving myself a hard time about all that. I spend 90% of my day lying on the floor playing and giggling with him or laughing at him while I push his pram or feed him. The other 10% of the day spent taking photos is just making great memories and I cannot wait to sit with him reading all of this back when he’s older!

Processed with VSCOcam

Thanks for reading – no, really. THANKS! I am so thankful to everyone that takes the time to read my posts and comment/subscribe – it makes all the hard work feel worth it! I’m so pleased with how my blogging milestones are looking already, I’ll revisit this subject in a year and see what the numbers look like then…!



6 thoughts on “Blog milestones

  1. Lovely piece of writing! And you’ve also helped me a lot for ideas for my blog and ‘getting it out there’, thank you!

    I wish you all the success of this year and much more for next year 🙂 I will be reading your blog regularly!



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