The weaning diaries | New tastes

Austin has tried some really yummy new flavours this week – blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, roast pork and even an Organix cheese puff! I’m very fortunate with him that so far he will eat absolutely anything I feed him.
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Austin is a lazy as babies come – usually sleeping in until 10am! Amazing I hear you cry? Why am I complaining? Well, it’s all good having a baby that loves to sleep but when he’s in bed from 6.30pm the night before (with no dream or night feed), you struggle to fit all meals and bottles into the time he’s awake during the day! He’s been having his first bottle around 10am, so has not been ready for breakfast until 11.30am and so on. Lunch ends up being about 3pm which would leave no time to ever introduce a third meal at the end of the day.

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You can see how it’s hard to make sure he is taking the right amount of formula each day as we simply run out of hours! I’ve actually started to set my alarm for 8am (sad times) so that I can wake him up for his first bottle, otherwise it would be impossible to make sure he was getting everything he needs. Still, some of my friend’s babies are up all through the night so I understand that I am one lucky mother!

Anyway – food!

This weekend Austin had his first ever Sunday roast. We weren’t eating that ourselves so he had a really yummy one from Ella’s. It’s a 7 month/stage 2 pouch, but as I’ve said in previous posts I don’t really pay much attention to what’s on the pouches age/stage-wise. When nannying I encountered lots of children that really struggled moving onto texture after having runny stage 1 food for so long and feeding became tricky as all texture and lumps were spat out. To try and avoid that I’ve introduced texture right from the start with Austin. Most of the time I mix some stage 2 into stage 1 so it’s half and half. That way there is some texture there but I’m also giving him a chance to get used to it. Other times though he has just stage 2 and is absolutely fine. If he started to gag or choke obviously I’d know he wasn’t ready for it but for now he’s loving it!

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This morning was his first ever snack – a little Organix cheese puff. I’m not going to be making a habit of giving these as he’s only on 2 meals a day, so he definitely doesn’t need to start having crisps and snacks inbetween just yet. I wanted to see how he coped with it though and he loved it! He sucked it until it was mush and a couple of confused faces later it was all gone!

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Austin is really loving his food and it’s exciting to see him trying new things!

How did your little one find weaning?

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2 thoughts on “The weaning diaries | New tastes

  1. Noah had the punchy pork last night. He really enjoyed it.
    We also have the same problem trying to fit in all the bottles & meals. We spoke to the dietician about this & she said that it is no problem to give him his tea (last meal of the day) just before he goes to bed. We now have breakfast at 10am, bottle around 11.30/ 12pm, lunch at 2.30/3pm bottle at 4pm/5pm & then he has his tea after we have our & just before his bath. Xxx

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