The weaning diaries ~ Bowls, cups and spoons ~ In association with Oxo Tot

It’s time to find some real favourite utensils I’ve decided. Austin will be eating from plastic bowls and spoons for at least another year so I’d like to have some decent all rounders – ones that last, ones that fit in his lunchbox, ones that are easy to use and so on.

Oxo have always been a brand I’ve bought into – our household has many of their spatulas for example. I was asked if I’d like to try some products from the Oxo Tot baby range and I was very happy to say yes! I’ve been trying them out this week and I am really pleased to say that they are now a firm favourite when feeding Austin.

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I spent nearly a decade as a professional nanny weaning baby after baby so I feel like I know almost every bowl, spoon and cup ever invented. There are certain types you want, and certain ones you don’t. When you buy a snazzy bowl and cup you don’t immediately think about the size and shape and whether they will fit in your changing bag or lunchbox long term. You buy these things, use for a while and then realise you need something entirely different. After nannying, I knew exactly what I wanted. Spoons for early weaning have to be flat with not much of a dip. Bows need to be small, come with a lid and have no ridges inside so that scraping the last of the food out is easy. Cups need to be slimline to fit in your changing bag – and a non spill type (that definitely doesn’t spill) is an absolute must.

My new OXO Tot bits and pieces stand up very well to my high standards, I must say! The small and large bowl set contains 2 different sized bowls – useful for small and large portions as Austin gets older. They have fab snap-on lids and no ridges inside which means you can scrape out every last ounce of food. They have non slip bases and stack inside each other for easy storage too. They’re really gorgeous to look at as well – clean white with a matching base and lid. I’ve had a few comments on them already when out and about in cafes!

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The sillicone feeding spoon set on first use did worry me a little. I thought I was going to hate this item! I tried feeding Austin but the shape of them when placing them in his mouth felt really awkward and he couldn’t quite get his little mouth to work out how to get the food off properly. I needn’t have worried though – 4 or 5 mouthfulls later and I had worked it out. Once I was used to the shape they worked brilliantly. The sillicone tip makes it easy to do the good old mummy trick of scraping the food off your baby’s face after every mouthful and the shape of the spoon head started to feel really comfortable for both me and Austin to use. After not being sure at first, these spoons are now tucked safely in Austin’s lunchbox ready to use at every meal. We won’t be leaving the house without them and all other spoons I purchased previously have been relegated to the cutlery drawer where they will stay!

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The cup is a little tricky for me to give an exact review for right now as Austin is 5 months old. It says to start using from 6 months, but as he has already started solid food I needed to find a cup for him anyway. We tried the Oxo Tot sippy cup set this week but the flow is a little too fast for him yet as he is so young. He will continue to use it though until he learns, so we’re looking forward to using it more. The cup itself is lovely to look at – I really like to clear outer casing.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 20.13.41


I chose the aqua blue and I think it’s a very pretty and bold shade. I really love the chunky design too! The handles are probably a little too chunky for me space-wise when we’re out of the house at the moment since Austin still needs so much gear in the changing bag. In a couple of months when he needs less stuff carted around every day, I’ll pop the handles on when we go out as I’ll have more space to play with. When I do use it with the handles, it’s great to know that Oxo Tot are one step ahead. They have curved the shape of them so that babies don’t have to turn their wrists too far which is a very clever idea. For now though I really, really love it without the handles – the cup looks so neat and modern. The other thing I can confirm is that there are definitely NO SPILLS! It really is as non-spill as you can get and I’d have total confidence throwing it upside down into my Mulberry.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 20.14.13

This cup is the sippy cup set which grows with your child. From a sippy cup at 6 months, through to a trainer cup which is my favourite part – I think it’s genius. You remove the sippy cup lid and insert a perforated plastic divider which helps teach your little one to drink from a regular cup. The trainer cup releases water slowly, which also means less water spillage if there’s a little accident. Once your child has mastered drinking themselves you can remove the trainer insert and use it as a regular cup. This product has a really innovative design and it looks fab too. This will be staying in Austin’s hands for the long term that’s for sure!

I absolutely loved these items and am thrilled they will now stay the staple utensils during Austin’s weaning journey. But do you know my favourite part of all these products? The fact that a brand have FINALLY realised how hard certain types of packaging can be to open. Oxo have really proved that they think about the customer and not just about making money. Look at the little easy-open tab on the back of the packets! Thanks Oxo for thinking of this and making consumer lives a little easier!

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Thanks for reading!

H x


*I received these items for review purposes, however all views are my own




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