The weaning diaries | Lalabu Bambu bib

Weaning is the latest thing to happen in our house which means a major need for new, larger bibs. I  think I’ve found a favourite – and just look how pretty!

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The lovely family that designed these bibs proudly state that every item is handmade by women refugees that are part of a job training programme in their community all the way over in Atlanta Georgia. Isn’t that fantastic? $1 from every sale also goes to help women in need. This is just the kind of company I like to get involved with, so was thrilled when Keri, Brian and their little son Levi offered to send me one of their brand new bibs to try. I chose the elephant print in ‘Berry March’ and I’m pleased I did – the colour and style are so lovely and really stand out from any other bibs we have.

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The back and inside of this bib is made from organic bamboo which is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and three times as absorbant as cotton – perfect for little ones. The thing that drew me to these Bambu bibs is the fact that are very big, which covers Austin so well – he can be such a mucky pup! Also another huge factor was the bamboo backing. The idea is to untie the bib, fold over and use the soft reverse to clean your baby up, avoiding the need for a dishcloth or multiple wet wipes. We’ve tried this method and it really does work. Austin can have food all the way up to his eyebrows but a few wipes with the huge folded cashmere-like bib and he’s sparkling again!

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I was also very happy to see the old fashioned tie style. I struggle to find bibs for Austin that are tight enough around his neck – most sit too low meaning the food/milk drips down his chin and onto his clothes as the bib is too baggy. With the Bambu bib I can tie it as tight as I need to ensure his neck is entirely covered – and double knot it so he can’t pull it off either. Result!  The tie also makes for easy washing as I find the velcro ones tend to stick together in the machine.

The width of the bib is also refreshing to see – the designers of regular bibs really can’t have done their homework! They’re never wide enough which means you still get food on the clothes, or you need a full on apron style thing going on to ensure spills are avoided. The new Bambu bib really does cover all – we’ve been using it for a full week and clothes have remained spotless – huzzah!

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I’m really pleased with our experience and would definitely recommend this product for a child of any age that requires a bib. Lalabu’s Bambu bib really goes the extra mile and the designs make it really special – so many bright colours to chose from! Excellent product and Austin will be using his for years to come.

Thanks for reading!

H x

*I received this item for review purposes, however all views are my own.




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