Merino Kids GoGo sleeping bag review

I’ve been waiting for AGES to write this post! When Austin was a tiny little sprout I was sent some gorgeous items from Merino Kids including a swaddle and Cocooi Gown which we fell in love with. Austin would scream without his swaddle so it was a life saver! We did a review on those two items if you want to take a look here. In that parcel we also got sent a beautiful sleeping bag but we have only recently started using it as Austin clung on to the swaddle for so long. He should have moved onto a sleeping bag ages ago but he was so comfy in the swaddle, I let him have it a little longer.

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Now Austin is a little older and has (finally) made the switch he is super impressed with his new GoGo sleeping bag! We have the standard weight in Banbury. It is beautiful and so soft – this face says it all doesn’t it?!

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Merino Kids GoGo bags come in a variety of tog weights and sizes and are award-winning, 100% natural sleeping bags. The standard weightI was sent is made with a pure merino wool inner lining and the finest organic cotton outer which can help prevent your baby waking in the night. The standard weight is suitable for room temperatures between 18° and 27°C.

I have chatted in great depth to a lovely lady called Caroline who helped calm any fears about dressing Austin at night and she could not have been more helpful. I am someone that feels freezing even at 25 degrees, so I’m always aware I might accidentally wrap up Austin too much at night if I feel cold myself. I also never want him to be chilly either – I know how much I hate that at night- so I’m always torn between the two. Caroline quickly put my mind at ease explaining that merino wool will help to regulate his temperature, so it keeps him cool when it’s hot and keeps him warm when it’s cold. Perfect! This way when I use the standard weight bag, all I need to do is make sure his room thermometer says somewhere between 18-27 degrees and I’ll know that Austin will be dressed correctly. It seems such a large range to me, but Caroline assured me that the merino wool will regulate the temperature whether the room is at the bottom or the top of that range. There is also a fantastic page on their website which tells you how much clothing they should wear under their sleeping bag too.

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A little story before bed

The GoGo bag retails at £70 and I absolutely believe it is worth every penny. The main reason is that it will last from newborn to 2 years. If you think how many sleeping bags you would normally buy between those ages – some for summer, some for winter, different sizes as the baby grows… I think you’d end up spending much more! As I mentioned, they are also 100% natural and made from such a fantastic material that gives you peace of mind if you are worried about over heating.They arrive on your door step in the most beautiful packaging too. They are folded and tucked into lovely little organza bags complete with cute handles and care instructions.

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I have been using this sleeping bag for the past month and all of the others I had bought when pregnant are lying unused in the cupboard! They have a variety of different tog weights and I look at them not being sure which to use incase the temperature drops during the night. Now we have the merino wool bag I know for a fact that his temperature will stay stable all night long. I am now desperate for a second one for when my first is in the wash!

We won’t be using any other brand for sleeping bags in future and why would we need to when this one will last until Austin is 2? If we are using bags beyond that, the next size up is 2-4 years so even better!

Thanks for reading

H x



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