Braun thermoscan 7 thermometer review

Did you know that a child’s temperature can mean different things depending on their age? I didn’t! Clinical research now shows that the definition of fever changes with a child’s age. What is a fever in a newborn can be a normal temperature in a four year-old. I don’t know about you, but I’m very glad I’ve found that out.

I was very happy this week when the people at Braun got in touch to ask if I’d like to trial and review their Thermoscan 7 thermometer. I nearly bit their hand off as my current one is useless!

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Since having Austin I’ve been using a no-contact infrared thermometer which I thought would be fab. The idea is brilliant, but the results not so much. It works by pointing the sensor at his head without contact, but if I try it 4 times in a row, every reading is different – and drastically so! It is an expensive thermometer from a good brand but if it cannot provide me with an absolutely accurate reading for my newborn, it might as well be in the bin.

When I worked in a nursery years ago, we always used the in-ear thermometers and they were always reliable so I have been thinking about getting one to replace my useless infrared one. As luck would have it Braun got in touch so the timing was perfect! A Braun thermometer is the no.1 choice for doctors which also puts your mind at rest immediately.

Everyone’s favourite CBeebies hunk Dr Ranj had this to say:

“An elevated temperature indicates that you should monitor your child more closely for further rise or other symptoms.  A high temperature should alert you to talk to a doctor or take your child to a healthcare professional if you can’t get advice promptly. The readings at which these instructions apply vary according to the age of the child, which is why Braun’s new Thermoscan 7 thermometer, with it’s age precision technology can be really useful and a great indicator of the best course of action to take”.      Dr Ranj Singh

Their new digital Thermoscan 7 also has unique age precision technology and gives you total peace of mind when assessing your child. When taking a temperature you simply pick your child’s age (0-3 months, 3-36 months or 36+), press the button and within 1 second the colour coded display will help you understand the numbers on the screen. Green is normal, yellow is slightly elevated and red is a high temperature. The Thermoscan 7 also has a pre-warmed tip to give professional accuracy. Other thermometers can have a cold tip which will cool the inside of the ear and provide inaccurate results. This product also has replaceable plastic covers which enables you to use the thermometer multiple times or for multiple children without spreading infection.


I am thrilled with my new thermometer, especially now as Austin has a cold, I’ve been checking his temperature daily. I would highly recommend this to any parent whether newborn or school age. It has given me complete peace of mind to know I can trust it.

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Thanks for reading!

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7 thoughts on “Braun thermoscan 7 thermometer review

  1. That’s very interesting!!!We also need a new thermometer,normally I just touch the kids foreheads with the inner of my arm so I can get an idea if they need calpol or not,but definitely need to get another one with winter here now and also a new born baby coming soon again!!!


  2. Any thermometers from Braun always have this good reviews from people and I have no doubt since Braun is one of the most famous thermometers today and it really works well according to some people. Well, if I would be given a chance I would love to use this, but I still have an amazing thermometer on my hand that is just so effective and perfectly made for our dearest little ones.



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