Autumn/Winter wish list

Now the Spring/Summer clothes have left the shops it’s time to dream about all the Autumn/Winter clothes we want. Yay! This year’s A/W collections are particularly cosy and I really like the winter woodland animal theme this season for kids. Here is a little look at my wish list for A/W ’14

autumn winter wishlist, clothes, fashion

TillTwelve grey owl all in one £38.25 – I love the pattern on this one. I’ve got a real thing at the moment for footless all in ones with cosy socks!

Teepee Tots&Co moose leggings £22 – Teepee Tots is one of my favourite brands on Instagram. Austin has their Geo Bear, Fox and Lion leggings and we can’t wait to add the moose ones to his collection!

Stella McCartney blue monster t-shirt £29.75 – I’m such a fan of Stella’s kids clothing line. Everything is ethically sourced and responsibly made and the designs are to die for! So modern and just plain awesome.

Mini Rodini zebra leggings £22.95 – Mini Rodini are another popular brand over on Instagram. Definitely the best place to find baby boutiques.

Reindeer/red reversible minky beanie £15.08 – Austin is a brand rep for this company so of course we love them. Austin doesn’t have the beanie but he does have the slippers in this print and we’re so excited to start wearing them this week as Christmas gets closer!

 White company bobble hat £18.00  – I probably don’t need to explain this one too much. Super cute.



But wait, there’s more!



Beau Loves mask jumper £35 – Another Instagram find and a firm fave brand. This jumper only appears to be available in age 6 though so Austin is going to be waiting a long time for this one 😦

Zara duffle coat £35.99 – Austin may be 4 months old but he’s still very small so it’s tricky to get his little arms into a chunky coat and make it comfy for him. The arms are always miles too long meaning he can’t get to his hands which frustrates him. He’s currently in snow suits but I’m hoping by Christmas he’ll fit in this lovely coat from Zara

Simple Sawyer taupe baby leggings £9.18 – Austin reps for this brand and it’s the best place for baby leggings. These are so plain and simple, you could put them with any outfit and they’d look fab.

Stella McCartney feather leggings £30 – As you can tell, leggings play a huge part in Austin’s wardrobe. Traditionally girl’s clothing but we like to push the boundaries a bit and ignore gender stereotyping!

Bobo Choses java baby leggings £25 – You can’t have enough pairs through winter, so why not another?!

Beau Loves bows and arrows bodysuit £25 – Long vests are so great when it’s chilly. They look fab with leggings/joggers and then paired with a denim shirt or thick cable knit cardigan. love the bows and arrows on this one.

So there we have it! Getting the whole lot would be slightly unrealistic since it would cost a small fortune, but also because Austin grows out of his clothes so fast, we just wouldn’t be able to wear all of it. Look out on my instagram page throughout the season to see which bits we end up with.

Thanks for reading!

H x




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