Diet Chef, Week 3

This week I have been carrying on with my Diet Chef plan. I have been eating a lot of the same foods as previous weeks. If you’d like to see what those foods are, see Week 1 and Week 2.

One new dish I tried this week was the vegetable curry and it was gorgeous! It was made of potatoes, green beans, lots of other yummy veg in a really authentic tasting curry sauce. Another to rival my local takeaway!

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I do have to be honest this week and say I’ve started to become a tiny bit off focus. I’m not sure whether this is to do with Diet Chef itself, or just the usual boredom that happens around week 3 of any diet….

I should say that part of it is down to eating out of packets for each meal every single day. I do kind of miss the spontaneity of popping to the kitchen and making something from actual ingredients. The novelty of the super quick ‘ready meal’ style of Diet Chef has worn off a little.

When looking for a diet as a new mum, I wanted something super easy which meant no prep, no cooking and being able to grab each meal in a few minutes. For those reasons, this diet is perfect. I didn’t expect to become a little bored of eating from packets, but I have a little. Having thought about it harder, I do feel my slight boredom is down to being in week 3 though, which as you all know happens with any diet. You start to miss all the naughty foods like bread, butter, chocolate treats etc.

I had one day off this week at a pub with friends and am pleased to say that even after this, I still lost weight! Which is testament that the diet works if nothing else, even with a day off! I must say that I didn’t go mad. I had what I fancied off the pub menu, plus a couple of fruit ciders.

I am still very pleased with this diet, and even though my willpower is lacking slightly, I’m still determined to be fully back on plan next week and stick with it. I’m losing weight every week so the proof is in the pudding!


There is so much variety in this diet – I’ve been having chocolate, curry, adding in foods such as rice, wraps etc so I can’t complain really! I still firmly believe that as a new mum this diet is absolutely perfect. Every meal I have is ready in no more than 3 minutes in the microwave. When you’re as busy as me and constantly on the go, you can’t ask for much more than that! After a little boredom and a day off, I’m still really looking forward to the lovely meals I have planned from tomorrow onwards. I still have lots of choice left – paella, beef stew, chocolate cookies, crisps, shepherds pie and lasagne.

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So you want to know this week’s weight loss?


I was hoping for a 2lb weight loss this week, but after my day off I’m thrilled with 1lb. A loss is a loss after all!

As I was kindly gifted this diet plan for the purpose of my blog, I really should stick to the plan 100% but lets face it, that just isn’t realistic in everyday life. My blog is based on every day family life and some days you either simply get caught out, or you just want one lovely spontaneous meal with your friends so I feel it’s important to represent things realistically. If you don’t let this happen all the time and get straight back on plan the next day, this week proves that Diet Chef can still bring you great results.

All being said, I’m still enjoying Diet Chef and the variety and results it has brought me. Next week is my last week on the one month plan and I’m looking forward to announcing my full month’s weight loss. Stay tuned to see what that will be!

Thanks for reading 🙂




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