Austin has more exciting news!

We are so fortunate to be pairing with some amazing brands and for Austin to become their brand rep. Before you ask, I’m not looking for Austin to become any kind of baby model, nor am I any kind of stage school mum (God forbid, right?) My aim is not to shove Austin into the limelight believing he’s some kind of good-looking superstar, no. But what I have found since starting my blog is that there are some amazing brands out there that are looking for little ones to showcase their clothing. We have been chosen by two lovely brands so far and we are thrilled! Austin receives beautiful clothing for free (any mum in their right mind would love that, surely?!) And in return we show off just how lovely they are via my blog and social media platforms. I get to take gorgeous photos of Austin wearing some fantastic handmade clothing, meanwhile giving publicity to the wonderful people that make them.

We have been chosen to represent an amazing small family run company called Simple Sawyer. Let me tell you a little bit about them and how they started. Here is a paragraph straight from my new friend Amy, the founder of this brand….

Simple Sawyer is named after our little miracle baby. After 7 long years, Sawyer joined our family through the miracle of adoption. I remember strolling through the baby section of a department store shortly after we had him & I was so disappointed at the selection of clothing for baby boys. I have always been such a ‘Do It Yourself’ kinda lady, so I dove right in to making clothes for my babe. After making several Cardigan Onesies for Sawyer, for friends and as gifts, I decided to open up shop doing so. This got me thinking about more possibilities- I love leggings for babies. There are no buttons, zippers or snaps to get mixed up. I’m all about what is easy & of course, fashionable. I primarily make boys or gender neutral leggings, and of course, I love occasionally working with pinks & florals for girls.

I’m always on the lookout for cute & trendy fabrics. The possibilities are endless when you’re finding awesome deals on the ‘Remnant’ shelves. I always try to find great prices so that I can make my designs affordable.

I have absolutely loved being able to stay home and do the two things that I love most; being Sawyer’s Mom & sewing up a storm!

Amy is a very proud mummy to little Sawyer. Isn’t he gorgeous?!

Processed with VSCOcam

Amy and her family have very kindly sent Austin some baby leggings and we couldn’y be happier with them! Today, Austin wore Simple Sawyer mustard leggings which are new to their Autumn/Winter line. Just look how happy he is in them!

Processed with VSCOcam

We have a couple of other pairs that were sent in this parcel – look out on my Instagram page for more lovely photos of them. For now though, click here for Amy’s Etsy page where you can view and purchase their lovely baby bits! I now know for a fact that the quality of their products is one of the best I have come across. They are unbelievably soft and comfy – the waist fits Austin perfectly but has so much give, I know they will fit him for a long time to come so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth!

They are one of my new favourite brands and we would be thrilled if you head to their page and support this fantastically hard working mum and her family.

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