Diet Chef – Week 2

Another week, another weight loss! Yay!

For the last two weeks I’ve been eating Diet Chef prepared meals for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. If you saw my post last week, you will have seen a run down of every meal I ate and lots of photos too. This week I ate lots of the same foods so won’t do a complete list again, but here are a few new foods from this week:

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Pesto pasta pot with pak choi in soy sauce

I really do love the creamy pasta pesto pots. They’re my favourite lunch and I like to change it up each time by adding different veg.

Now, after my last post we all know that I hate porridge. I have been trying them on this diet though to see if I could be converted. The strawberry porridge had a fair bit of taste  – scattered with small pieces of strawberries but mainly seeds. I only at half and have well and truly learned my lesson that porridge of any kind isn’t for me!

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Strawberry porridge

For dinner one night this week I tried the pasta Bolognese. It was really tasty and a very good dinner. I was left very full as usual.

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Pasta Bolognese with mixed greens

My favourite meal this week has to be the coq au vin. It was gorgeous! I had been under my calories by a lot for a couple of days so decided to treat myself to a jacket potato to go with it – it was so good! The chicken fell apart as soon as my fork touched it and the gravy was absolutely lovely. If I had been blindfolded and not seen that it had come out of a ready meal type tray I could have quite easily been at a restaurant and wouldn’t have known the difference. Excellent.

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Coq au vin with jacket potato and green beans

The chicken muligatawny was probably my favourite soup so far. It was full of noodles and had a lovely hint of curry to it. Very filling – I had planned to have a salad wrap with it but didn’t need to.

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Chicken mulligatawny soup

This week I found that I started to get hungry again in-between meals but by the end of the week that had tailed off again. I think my stomach is getting used to the change going from eating whatever I want, whenever I want to being very disciplined. I think I’m used to it now so shouldn’t feel hungry over the next couple of weeks I don’t think.

I’m still really happy with how this diet is going. I’m getting chocolate, adding bread in when I have enough calories, cheese, pasta, curry and all different kinds of foods so I still don’t feel as though I’m missing out. A couple of nights ago my husband ordered a Chinese takeaway which is usually so painful to sit and watch him eat when I’m on a diet, but this time I’d had my own chicken in black bean sauce and rice the night before so I wasn’t bothered or jealous of his junk food at all!

So here’s how I got on this week:


OK, that may not sound like a lot – but I couldn’t really expect much more since I lost a whopping 5lb in my first week. It’s always a little disappointing seeing a small loss when you’ve been so well behaved all week but I’m not looking for a quick fix fad diet, I’m looking for something that will last. 1lb off is still a loss so overall I’m pleased! I’m hoping to lose 2lb next week so don’t forget to come back and see if I managed it!

Thanks for reading 🙂 x


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