Diet Chef – My hamper has arrived!

Eeeek it’s here! As you may remember I recently mentioned that I will be working with Diet Chef to review their diet plan by doing a trial of it myself for 4 weeks. Yesterday my hamper arrived and it all looks so yummy! The portion sizes are actually quite a bit large than I expected for a diet, which I’m really pleased with as there’s nothing worse than feeling starving whilst trying to lose weight. The packaging is really enticing too, great colours!

I really love the fact that Diet Chef hampers arrive in an unbranded box. A very clever bit of non-marketing there I think. I wouldn’t care less if my neighbours saw a diet box arriving at my house, but then again I’m friendly with my neighbours and am also quite a confident person, so it wouldn’t bother me. However, that’s probably not the case for most dieters. Most people want to lose weight as they might not feel great, might not like the way they look or might have low self esteem due to weight gain, so having your neighbours nose at the fact you’re trying to lose weight could add extra pressure and embarrassment. Fab move to have the box unbranded, so even the courier doesn’t know what he’s delivering. Here it is just opened – have a peek!

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When I opened the box fully layer by layer it seemed never ending! If you’re thinking of trying Diet Chef, I’d definitely make some room in your kitchen as it can take over once fully unpacked!

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You can’t expect anything else though when you’re ordering an entire month’s worth of food to come at once. I was a bit worried about where on earth I was going to store it all once I saw how much there was, but I soon found two worktop baskets and a small shelf. Breakfast and snacks in baskets, then Lunch and dinners on the shelf. Yep, no fridge! All food can be stored at room temperature in a cool dry place, so shelves/cupboards/pantries are all perfect. Here’s a look at my storage solution

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I chose every single item myself from the huge food range online and will be enjoying meals such as porridge, cookies, crisps, soups, pasta pots, milkshakes, sausage and mash, casseroles, carbonara, paella, shepherds pie, lasagne, curry, popcorn, pretzels, Chinese…… the list goes on, and on!

Stay tuned to find out my starting weight, progress and meal photos. I can’t wait to start later this week. Bring it on Diet Chef!

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