Tommy and Lottie baby t-shirt review

Yet more clothing for Austin to wear – what a lucky boy! This time it is the turn of a lovely English clothing brand called Tommy and Lottie. We were asked to have a look at their website and choose a t-shirt, but it was SO hard to pick just one! The designs are simple but definitely stand out. They are modern British images with a nostalgic twist and are just adorable!

So far the company are running a line of fairground and woodland designs. The Fairground style comes in short sleeve and the woodland in both short and long sleeve. To give you an idea of their look, here is an example of a short sleeve fairground t shirt which can be found on the website. Isn’t it lovely?


For Austin however, I decided to go for the longsleeved woodland hedgehog. It arrived 24 hours later and is just gorgeous – so unbelievably soft and lovely.

Babies-Hedgehog-T-Shirt-Long-Sleeve-220x220The ethically and sustainably sourced 100% cotton fabric is so soft to touch so it must be a dream to wear! I love the acorn detail on the back too and Austin certainly looks comfy in it!

Processed with VSCOcam


Processed with VSCOcam


For me, the fact that they are ethically sourced is a huge bonus. I know that the cotton being used it is grown, produced and manufactured in one place and not all over the world. There are no harmful dyes used and I’m glad to say that Tommy and Lottie also employ people from local communites, treating and paying them fairly.

Due to the way the clothing is made and the quality of the product, this places Tommy and Lottie in the high end market for children’s clothing. Short sleeve t-shirts are £17 and long sleeve £20. I think that given how they are made and how soft and luxurious they feel and look makes the price totally justified. They are generous in size, meaning they will last too. I also think that because the designs and colours are beautifully simple, the t -shirts can be teamed up to be part of almost any outfit which again means they are worth the money.

Austin just loves his cosy Autumn t-shirt! Thank you Tommy and Lottie!!

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

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