I’ve teamed up with Diet Chef!

I’m very excited to be able to tell you all that I will be working with Diet Chef in order to shift the last of my mum tum! I am going on holiday in 3 days and am back next weekend. This holiday will be my last blow out food-wise and whilst I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, I can’t wait to get back for some healthy, sensible eating.

Diet Chef is a calorie controlled diet, but there’s no counting and weighing, it’s REAL food prepared for me and delivered straight to my door. Perfect!


As a new mum I’m desperate to shift the weight in the easiest way possible. When Diet Chef asked me to do a 4 week trial I jumped at the chance. After seeing their menu and vast choices I knew this would be the right diet for me. I can’t wait to get my hamper!


I’ll be blogging every week about my weight loss and the meals I’ll be trying out. I’m looking forward to getting back in shape and filling you in on my progress!

Have you tried Diet Chef before? Any tips for shifting mum tum?!

Thanks for reading 🙂





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