#BOOTD Autum foxes!

Another day, another awesome outfit for little Austin Felix. Today’s is one of my favourites – don’t you just love those leggings?! It seems Austin certainly does!

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He is wearing this Flecked sweatshirt from Zara Kids. It is perfect for the weather we’re having at the moment as it’s a jumper but very thin and lightweight. It is lovely and soft inside which meant I could pop it on him without a t-shirt or vest underneath – ideal for indoor wear. There’s not much else to say about Zara kids as far as convincing you goes, as we all know that Zara kids wins.

The leggings are from a Canadian brand called Teepee Tos & Co and are the Geo fox design. All of their leggings are organic and handmade which makes them original and lovely to wear – very soft and comfy. They retail at $22 and are currently (but not suprisingly) sold out! Keep checking back though as they restock frequently.

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Austin seems to have collected a rather substantial collection of moccasins and these, I think, are my favourites! They are also handmade, but by a lady called Kylie from Oregon, America. You’ll find these super soft, super supple moccasins right here on her Etsy page Handmade Lovelies. These shoes retail at £10.73. Not bad!!


And lastly Austin’s accesorising his outfit with an amber bead teething necklace. He’s not quite teething yet, but friends have told me it pays to get the amber on them early, so it’s worth a try! Amber necklace purchased from I like Amber

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Thanks for reading!


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