Potato Feet Review

Eeeeeek they finally arrived!!! I have been so excited about these shoes ever since the very lovely people at Potato Feet all the way over in L.A got in touch. They wanted to send Austin a couple of pairs of their gorgeous baby shoes and who was I to say no to an offer like that?!

They very kindly sent us a beautiful pair of blue/grey slip on ‘Archers’ that are casual and one pair of tan hide ‘Mocchiato’ moccasins, which lend them self kindly to being dressed up or down depending on Austin’s outfit. As they came from America I had been eagerly anticipating their arrival, but yesterday they came and I almost hugged the postman! Of course, first thing this morning I got Austin dressed and tried them both on. Ooooh just look at them!!





When they were ordered, Kati from Potato Feet asked me to email Austin’s measurements (heel to toe) so that she could make sure they were both a perfect fit. After receiving measurements, Kati adds a little extra to make sure there is enough wiggle room, plus space for little feet to grow and still fit in time to come.

The moccasin style are ever so slightly stiffer when new as they are made from 100% leather. They have hidden elastic around the ankle area so I can tell that it won’t take long for the leather to stretch, relax and become more supple.

The Archers feel just like slippers – so soft and squishy and amazing! They are made from recycled fabric and are handmade and painted in Kati’s own house in L.A, California. Austin seems super comfy in both pairs and we can’t wait to wear them over the coming months. As you all know Austin has a better wardrobe than most of us put together, so he’s not short on matching ensembles!

Processed with VSCOcam

Now you may be wondering who can be bothered to put a 12 week old baby in shoes just because they look good, but it is honestly no hassle at all – they really are like slippers! The elastic means they fit snugly but aren’t too tight and the fact that they are custom made to Austin’s feet means they don’t fall off and drop out of the pram or down the back of the sofa. Perfect. I constantly get comments on Austin’s outfit from friends and strangers alike, so I’m excited to tell them all where his gorgeous shoes are from when they ask and be able to direct them straight to Potato Feet! Here he is in his custom made moccasins

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

Are you wondering what other styles you may find on their wesbite? Why not head over and take a look. In the meantime here are just a few examples of Kati’s stunning handiwork

image-2 image-3 image-4 image-5 image-6 image-7


Keep an eye out on my facebook and Instagram pages in future for lots of photos of Austin is his beautiful new shoes



Thanks for reading!

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