Love the little things, Week 10

The very lovely Morgana over at But why mummy why runs a linky called Love the little things. I join in each week sharing the little things I have loved over the past week. Why not click on her name and see what it’s all about! In the meantime here are mine….



More and more baby routines! Having done so, I’ve decided that having one definitely isn’t for me. Trying to make Austin fit into a pattern just made me stressed when it went wrong and in turn made him cranky and overtired as it wasn’t working to plan.

I’ve now gone back to what I have always done ever since he was born, which was to carry on doing whatever I want whenever I want and have him fit around me. I never wanted to be someone that had to get home to his cot for all naps or fed him at set times etc. I’ve tried a fixed routine and it hasn’t worked. All it did was made me feel like I couldn’t go for lunch, coffee or shopping like I used to as I had to stay home for a nap or a feed and I didn’t like it! The last few days I’ve been back to normal – going to meet friends, in to town, for walks etc and Austin just fits long with me. It’s working great and I’m glad to be back to normal!


I’ve been enjoying the X Factor and pleased to have seen my friend’s cousin Parisa did so well in it! She is a member of the band called Only The Young. Here’s their audition and what the judges thought. In Simon’s words “Four big fat yes’s!”



OK, so I’ve had a pretty chilled out week that mostly consisted of tracksuit bottoms and jumpers. This is about as exciting as my wardrobe got this week!

Processed with VSCOcam

However, Austin as usual won the style stakes hands down

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam



As usual I’m sure I’m behind the times with this one as I don’t get a chance to listen to the radio much these days. I heard this track a few days ago and am enjoying it lots


I usually cop out on this one as I’ve been living on ready meals and not getting round to anything crafty. This week I’ve actually made something! It was only sausage casserole but still, I made it! And it was good!!

Processed with VSCOcam



And lastly…




Thanks for reading my Little Loves. To comment click the heart at the top of the post. Thank you – see you next week!


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11 thoughts on “Love the little things, Week 10

  1. Austin is such a sweetie!! Sounds great that you can be so flexible with him routine wise. We do have a routine but luckily our little man doesn’t mind deterring from it either, so we can go out when we like and mix it up a bit 🙂


  2. I love Austin’s little outfits. He is so adorable. I didn’t really follow any routines. The only thing I stuck to was not letting her nap for two hours before her bedtime and feeding Little Miss and putting her to bed at the same time every night. That really made a difference. But I just found Gina Fore far too restrictive. As a mum you need to get out of the house and not be tied to it because of a routine. Happy mum equals happy baby and that is the most important thing. Hugs Mrs H xxxx #littleloves


    • Totally agree! Austin now does what he wants and is back to going up to bed with us about 11pm after napping in the lounge during the eve. I love having him down with us but when we want our evenings back we’ll do the same as you i think! Xx


  3. I think you’re exactly right to down at works for you with Austin. I didn’t ever set out to put O into a strict routine as I liked the freedom to be able to potter about. Luckily he was such a good baby he adapted very well to most situations. I always found it a bit sad when a couple of my friends planned everything around a nap time and their babies being in their cots despite them being only a few weeks old. Personally, the lazy afternoons where O napped on my shoulder are some of my fondest memories ever, but each to their own!
    Loving Austin’s outfits, how cute are they? xx


  4. I think you’re right to ditch the routines – I did! I felt the same, I didn’t want to be restricted to routines which would have me miss out on a life outside of the house. I think that’s why I found it so difficult the first time round as I breast fed for the first 5 months and I wasn’t comfortable doing that out in public – it did make me feel more lonely and isolated. Austin’s outfits are adorable and your sausage casserole looks yummy! X



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