Love the little things, Week 9

Friday is here again! Here is a little look into the little things I have loved from the past week. Enjoy!


This week I have started to read Gina Ford and look up baby routines online as I’d like to get Austin in some kind of pattern with daytime sleeps and also a bedtime routine. At the moment (he is 9 weeks old today) he goes up to bed when we do at around 10 or 11pm. I’ve tried a couple of different suggestions but he seems to need more sleep in the day than they suggest. Either that or the routines basically mean that sticking to them equals no social life at all!



When did you start a bedtime and daytime sleep routine and which one did you go by? Or did your child fall into their own routine? If so, at what age?

Austin seems to have no pattern at all! The only thing that remains constant is that he eats every 3 hours, but never at the same times each day as it all depends when he wakes in the night and when he gets up for the day.

I’m thinking of this:

Get up for the day every day at 7am and feed him straight away regardless of when he was last up to feed in the night. Then feed every 3 hours, again, regardless of anything else. That way I should at least know that he will feed at the same times every day and hopefully he’ll soon fall into the pattern I’m trying to achieve. So the day would be – Wake and feed at 7am, then feeds at 10am, 1pm, 4pm, then bath and feed at 7pm before bed. Then dream feed at around 10.30pm. Hopefully he would then sleep until around 3am and wake for a feed, then sleep again and wake for feed at 7am and so on. Daytime sleeps would maybe then find their own pattern between those times…I hope! Any tips anyone?!


Oh my gosh, this week I watched ‘Stammer School: Musharaf finds his voice’ Β this week and I’ve not cried that much at TV in years! (This may be something to do with the fact I’ve just had a baby) But WOW if you missed it, it’s worth a watch! Such an amazing transformation and a real feel good programme. Get watching! The full episode is here..


It was slightly warmer this week, so the guns came out (you know – suns out, guns out etc). This week has been all about white nail polish too! Austin came to Church this week and got to wore his newborn ear defenders – I could die they were so cute!! My Church is held in a theatre with a full band and is super loud so I have to protect those little ears!

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam



I’ve put this song on here before as one I love, but it is also Austin’s favourite. I used to listen to it all the time when I was pregnant and if he’s ever cranky – especially in the car – all I have to do is sing this song and he’s quiet instantly!



I’ve still not got anywhere with making proper meals at the moment – this is the best it’s been lately!

Processed with VSCOcam

And lastly…

I have a very exciting project coming up but I can’t say a thing just yet! Also Austin has a couple of exciting projects too. Watch this space over the next few weeks to find out more!




15 thoughts on “Love the little things, Week 9

  1. Your little man in his ear protectors is possibly the cutest thing ever! So sweet!! Oh, hope you get your routine sorted – it just takes time for them to settle into it, doesn’t it? Eventually mine went into a 7, 11, 3 routine and it was great-particularly when I was on number 3 and also had school runs to juggle. Thinking of you as you get to grips with it though! Have a lovely weekend poppet xxx


    • Ahh thank you! Wow must be so tiring being up in the night and then being up and organised for the school run with older ones! You’re super mum! He did ok today and was In bed by 7pm for the first time ever so we shall see how the night goes! Fingers crossed!! Xxx


  2. I bought that book and put it under the bed as I found it really restrictive, in saying that I know loads of people that it worked for!my daughter was almost 6 months before she was in any definite sleep routine during day/night. I really stressed about it, but she eventually fell into her own pattern.
    The ear defenders are the cutest thing ever!
    Do t worry about not cooking…..17 months later I still have those days, and at the beginning we ate alot of soup & sandwiches! Remember you are doing a great job xxx


    • Yep I totally agree gina ford is so strict but thought I may use her general ideas. Still to restrictive though! I like to go out and have the baby fit around me rather than me running my life around nap times etc! We will see how my new plan goes and take it from there. Eek! Xx


  3. Gina Ford is amzing- i followed her books with Louis and i can say it genuinely works. If you are not a creature of habit you will HATE her way and will probably want to follow the Baby Whisperer x


  4. I followed Gina Ford and my son was sleeping though (with a dream feed) from 6 weeks. He still sleeps brilliantly to this day. Yes, the lunchtime nap means no going out for lunch, but we just got into the habit of going out for breakfast and that became our thing… But do what works for you, that’s the important bit…


    • It’s a tricky one as I was a nanny for 10 years and had to follow Gina to the letter with a couple of families. I was used to it for work but want to be a bit more relaxed with my own as I like to go out for lunch and feel miserable if I have to miss out on things like that. I like the idea of him fitting around us, but thay being said when I did Gina at work it certainly did the trick! Will try a few things and if it doesn’t work ill go back to the Ford πŸ˜‰


  5. Never seen newborn ear defenders before – too cute! I remember the experience with my eldest being chaotic – Gina never would have worked with him as he was collicky and I breastfed for the first 20 weeks with him feeding every two hours. With number two I bottle fed and that made a huge difference in allowing for a four hourly routine to be imposed and, like you, I liked the idea of Gina but not the restrictiveness of it so I just adapted it and I reckon I was putting him to bed at 7ish from about four months.


    • Thanks so much for that πŸ™‚ i’m bottle feeding but he eats every 3 hours. He still eats so little which means we have to monitor his weight carefully. All of that means I can’t stretch him out to feed every 4 hours as he can’t eat much at one time to fill him up enough. My trial routine worked yesterday though and over night so well see how I go! Yay! Xx


  6. Oh my word… Austin is so cute and the picture is adorable!!!!! Its so hard getting into a routine, but when you do, everything just falls into place.. Huge HUGE fan of Ella Henderson’s song, love it! Looking forward to you lovely projects coming up! Sounds exciting


  7. Those ear defenders are just too cute!

    I could never get on board with Gina Ford, too strict for me, but I was a big fan of the Baby Whisperer and her EASY routine. Eat, Activity, Sleep, You. I was quite loose with it, but it made sense and O responded really well to routine and was sleeping through at 4 months, but he didn’t have the famous 2 hour naps until he was about 18 months. He would only have about 30-40 minutes, once in the morning and another in the afternoon. Good luck with it all! xx


  8. I also found Gina Ford really restrictive. But I think you need to find whatever works best for you and Austin. Little Miss doesn’t have a bath or a massage as part of her bed time routine because she finds them too stimulating and they wake her up. We found the “No cry sleep solution” was a life saver after the six month sleep
    regression lasted until she was 14 months old. Love the white nails – very chic! Hugs Mrs H xxxx #littleloves



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