Love the little things, Week 8

It’s Friday already! Time For my #Littleloves from this week. Why not read how to join in and have a go. Click here to find out more!


We received an amazing letter this week from my husband’s mother’s cousin. That sounds fairly distant but the family are very close. It was a letter to Austin for him to read when he is older, full of words of wisdom and advice for him as he grows up. It was so lovely I was in tears by the last page!



GBBO is back! I do love it and I’m very pleased to see it’s return, although I haven’t been able to settle in to this series properly as it’s on at the same time as Austin gets cranky and needs putting to bed. I must make an effort to record it and watch it when I have more time the next day.



Autumn is here! Well, it certainly feels that way anyway. This week I started to put my summer clothes in the loft and bring down the Autumn and Winter selection. Here are a couple of examples of the outfits I’ve trotted out in over the last few days.

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam


Lets first get something straight – I’m not a fan of Cher Lloyd, I’ll be honest. I loved her on The X Factor but I’ve seen her on many TV interviews and she always comes across as total twonk, even recently when insisting she’s become less twonkish. She hasn’t . However that being said, I’m in love with her latest!


I always fail so massively on this one! I used to bake and cook lovely meals, but since being pregnant I’ve been useless!

I’ve made enquiries about a holiday! That counts and I won’t hear you say otherwise…

And lastly…

Processed with VSCOcam


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21 thoughts on “Love the little things, Week 8

  1. Love your Autumn outfits, I packed away my summer clothes last week and I’m actually getting a bit excited at the thought of jumpers and boots coming out again.
    What a lovely thing for a relative to do for Austin, so sweet and thoughtful. Have a lovely week xx


  2. Ah Hannah! Go GBBO! Loving your winter wardrobe too but yeah, kind of a shame to be putting the sandals away for another year. I didn’t realise you’d had your baby! Congratulations honey – hope he’s being a good boy for you. I know what you mean about Cher Lloyd but I quite like that song too. Have a great weekend Hon. #littleloves


  3. I am in love with your leopard print snood/scarf (can’t see the ends on the pic). I know what you mean about cooking. I used to cook until I had 2 under 2. Judah’s a bit older now but Eden is now crawling, so I’m thinking days of having time to bake may be a while off still yet. 😉


  4. I am in love with your leopard print snood/scarf (can’t see if it had ends or not), I know what you mean about cooking. I used to cook all the time until I had 2 under 2. Judah is older now, but Eden is crawling so I think it may still be a while before time to bake becomes a reality 😉


  5. I love you 2nd outfit, the one with the leopard print scarf! I have to agree with you about Cher Lloyd, this song is pretty good! Have you watched this weeks GBBO? Sparks fly!!


  6. THE FUR COAT!! That is all. Amazing! So lovely to see your pretty face once again, and official on-blog congrats on the birth of the very beautiful Austin. He is adorable. What a beautiful idea your relative had to write a letter. I’m sure you will treasure it always. Have a lovely weekend poppet xx


  7. I’m a bit jealous that autumn has reached you so soon! I love your scarf and cardigan pair! It’s making me yearn for fall weather that much more! Happy weekend!


  8. Love your saying at the bottom so funny! Your outfits for fall look amazing. I am jealous. Come dress me. I have no clue what I am doing! What an amazing thing to do a letter for the future. that is awesome. Wish I had one of those full of advice and wisdom. lol Great #littleloves


  9. The letter….wow,what a lovely idea! I need to put my clothes away too, I have sorted Amelia’s, but not mine yet! Love your mulberry, I have the brown one, I need to start using it again! Hope you had a lovely weekend….you look amazing by the way,yummy mummyxx


  10. I love the colour of that jumper. Beautiful and lovely for autumn. I’ve been wearing my tan suede ankle boots a lot this week and it has been fab. Goodbye sandals! I hope you do find time to watch GBBO. I find that IPlayer is my saviour for programmes like that. Hugs Mrs H xxxx #littleloves


  11. Nice outfits, really love the coat!
    I feel I’m in the need of new autumn clothes, I find everything so-so boring in my wardrobe.
    The only fun thing there lately is only my fluffy cat who gets used to sleeping there!:) xx



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