Austin’s #BOOTD

Austin is finally big enough to be in more than just babygrows and sleepsuits – hurrah! I have an amazing wardrobe for him and I love being able to get them on him now he’s putting on weight. It was sad to put away his premature clothes but lovely to see him in some real boy’s clothes too.

Today Austin is in black and skinny jeans

funky giraffe, bella, baby outfit of the day

He is wearing a t-shirt that is actually labelled as a girl’s t shirt, from Bella+Canvas in LA (I know, right?!)

His ‘skinny jeans’ are actually jeggings, also from the girls section but in Next.

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His dribble bib is from my favourite bib company Funky Giraffe. They have such a brilliant range of fashionable and alternative bibs and at great prices too. Austin has a collection of maybe 30 bibs from there, but as a collicy/reflux baby we get our monies worth as he goes through about 10 a day!

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The thing I have found most frustrating about dressing a boy is not being able to find all of the pieces of clothing I’d like to be able to on the high street or in supermarkets. There are some fab places like GAP, Zara etc but there just aren’t enough ‘cool’ clothes for boys about. If you really search online for independent stores (usually in America, hence his t-shirt being from LA) you will find some, but they are expensive and then you have the shipping and customs costs. I can’t tell you how long it took me to find a plain black t-shirt or vest for a baby. I know black is hardly traditional but I was very surprised there were next to none. There was plenty from 6 months up, but nothing for a little baby.

Nevertheless I always manage to find what I want for him and these days I put more effort into putting together his outfit each day than I do for myself! After all, a baby has to match!

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Have you found any places to buy boys clothes that aren’t covered in the usual trains, planes or cars?! If so I’d love to hear where!


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6 thoughts on “Austin’s #BOOTD

    • Austin loves Funky Giraffe, so will Jaspy! He can’t get enough of girl’s leggings either! Austin has just become a brand rep for an American brand that make unisex leggings -we can’t wait to get our firts parcel! xx



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