Merino Kids swaddle and gown review

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A few weeks ago a beautifully wrapped parcel arrived at First Time Mummy HQ from the lovely people at Merino Kids. It contained the Cocooi swaddle and gown bundle which I couldn’t wait to try! The swaddle came in the ‘Turtle Dove’ blue colour and the gown came in the ‘Banbury’ blue colour. Perfect for my little boy Austin to try out!





Ever since Austin was in hospital he has loved being swaddled. He has always been a very easy baby and sleeps lots, but his Moro reflex constantly wakes him up. The Moro reflex (also known as startle reflex) is an infantile reflex normally present in all infants/newborns as a response to a sudden loss of support, when the infant feels as if it is falling.

My main concern after leaving hospital and swaddling him at home was the heat. It was the middle of July and the Gro-Egg in our bedroom was reading 28.5 degrees! We had a large fan on at night times to make it feel cooler, but deciding what to dress Austin in was a constant worry. However, after chatting to the Merino Kids team, I found out that their special products made from Merino wool actually regulate the baby’s temperature, meaning they are kept cool in the heat and kept warm when it’s cold. For me and Austin in this heat it sounded like a miracle!

The clothing came in really attractive packaging, cute little branded muslin bags and also had fantastic instruction leaflets and care labels. After emailing Merino Kids to ask some questions, I was extremely impressed at their response. They could not have been more helpful, offering amazing advice, reassuring me about swaddling in the heat, sending links to video tutorials and offering to chat to me on Skype to show me the correct way to swaddle and to chat further. Amazing customer service!

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After talking to them I got to straight to it, wrapping Austin up in the beautiful turtle dove swaddle for a daytime nap. I set him down in the moses basket and within seconds he was sound asleep and had no disturbances from the startle reflex. He slept perfectly for the next 4 hours – I was sold!!

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Most importantly for me, was his temperature. The day we first tried the merino swaddle, our thermometer in the lounge read 27 degrees. To wrap him up in this way seemed insane, but the merino wool really did what it said on the tin. I tested Austin throughout his sleep and he didn’t once go above 37.5 degrees. I know the merino wool was what was regulating his temperature and keeping him stable as previously I had used blankets or muslins which caused his temperature to go to 38 degrees or above before I removed them.

I have used this swaddle every night since it arrived and I now can’t live without it! Two days ago I tried putting him down at night in a regular baby grow but he wouldn’t settle as his arms were loose. As soon as I wrapped him in the swaddle he fell asleep for the night. Perfect product or what!? The only downside is that I only have one of them – sometimes Austin is sick in his sleep at night and if lots of sick goes on the swaddle, it needs to be removed and washed. I need to get myself a second one for these situations pronto!!

Now for the gown…

The gown is made from the same material and can be worn underneath a sleeping bag during sleep times, or just as a mini outfit itself. I tend to use it during the day when Austin isn’t swaddled (I only swaddle him at night so that during the day his arms get to move around freely). As it’s been so hot, having a piece of merino wool clothing for the daytime is a life saver. He lies around in it happily – his legs are not restricted and he is still able to kick around inside the gown and all the while has a stable temperature. Once Austin is big enough to use a sleeping bag I plan to dress him in the gown and then put him in the sleeping bag. Here is Austin enjoying testing out the gown!

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Overall both products have been absolutely perfect, especially in the summer as it can be very easy to worry about newborns getting too hot. I also know that when winter arrives, they will be great for keeping him nice and warm too!

I cannot recommend them enough. I was too worried to continue swaddling due to it making Austin’s temperature rise, but now I have a merino one I have no worries at all. It means he can sleep soundly and it enables me to relax.

Click here to take a look at the Merino Kids website and the huge range of gorgeous products they sell.

I will very soon be reviewing their GoGo bag sleeping bag, so watch out for that post too – I’m certain it will be just as much of a hit in our house as the swaddle and gown have been. Austin can’t wait to try it!

My merino swaddle is amazing at keeping Austin sleeping peacefully for longer. However I have recently purchased a special baby sleeping pillow, which when combined with the swaddle means at 4 weeks old Austin now only wakes up once at night! To find out what my super newborn sleeping combo is, stay tuned for the pillow review soon!

Do you own any merino wool products, or have you tried Merino Kids?


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*Merino Kids sent me these items for review purposes, but that in no way reflects my write up. Views are entirely my own.

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  1. It is lovely to hear success stories, like yours, of using the Merino Kids range during the hot weather. Little Austin looks so cool and content – just the way we like it!


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