Love the little things Week 6

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Here are the little things I’ve loved from the past week:


This week I have spent time putting all the amazing gifts from our baby shower away into the nursery and reading all the lovely cards we were given. We have amazing family and friends who were so generous!

baby shower, cards, thankyou, gift, baby, pregnant 


I’m suddenly very aware that I now have only 3 and a half weeks until the baby is due, so I’ve spent time this week watching the world go by and making the most of everything happening at home like having a lie in with the dogs, having a nap whenever I need to, watching Grant do the garden and all the other things that I’l never be able to do peacefully again! The baby can’t get here quick enough for us, but before he gets here we’re making the most of the relaxing time at home as we know very soon we’ll not have much time to sit around doing nothing!

chihuahua, dog, sleep, pet

garden, gardning, bbq

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Of course it has been all about maternity clothes lately but all of a sudden even those are too small and the only thing I’m comfortable in is either no clothes at all or a vest and pjyama bottoms! I’m also baking hot with this weather, so the giant power fan is my new best friend. We’re now half way engaged too, so it really is not long now!

pregnant, belly, 36weeks, bump



I’m in love with Ella Henderson’s new track Ghost. I found this acoustic version on You Tube – her voice is unreal – go, listen!


This week I made Grant paint my toenails! I have had to get them done in a salon for a while now as I’ve not been able to reach them myself, but this week they couldn’t fit me in so I had to make do with his handywork for a few days until they could see me. He actually did a very good job and I now know who I’ll be getting to do them next time the salon are busy!nails, paint, husband, pregnant


And lastly….

My new favourite craving is ice. I seem to crunch it day and night and I can’t stop! Over the last few months I’ve had quite a few cravings that have come on and lasted anywhere from a week to a few months but most seem to have disappeared again now. Ice is the latest one but I’m hoping it goes after the birth or I might be in danger of breaking my teeth if it lasts much longer! Another thing making me laugh this week is not being sure how much longer I’ll be able to drive for. I’m too fat for all of our cars!

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33 thoughts on “Love the little things Week 6

  1. Eeep! Not long to go now lovely. So exciting! You are defo doing the right thing by resting as much as you can also do things just to the two of you that you won’t get to do when the baby comes. Like going to the cinema or a spontaneous evening out. Someone gave me that advice when I was preggo with Noo and it was the best advice I ever received as it will rarely be just the two of you again in a few weeks! xx


    • Ahh that’s great advice thank you! We’re going for a meal this week and spending a lot of time together to really make the most of it. Can’t wait but you’re right – ill never get these last few weeks back so will enjoy it! Xx


  2. Not long to go!! Definitely make the most of the time before baby arrives – the first few weeks aren’t too bad when they sleeep all day but when that eases off it is hard work! Good luck, looking forward to reading about your new baby very very soon! #binkylinky


  3. Ahhh not long now. i remember the stage of no clothes or pjs. You still look great. Love that your hubby painted your toes and allowed you to share the photo as proof!!! hahaha So funny but a must for sure. Can’t go into a labor without painted toes! I was the same. lol Great round of #litteloves


  4. What a lovely neat bump! Not long now! How exciting!! I craved ice from day dot with Moo and its something I still have now in a glass! xx


  5. Aww, your little bump shots – too sweet!! 🙂 Good luck for the next few weeks poppet, and definitely do rest up as much as possible and enjoy your quiet time pre-bubba! Xx


  6. Your bump is amazing. Woweeee. It’s lovely of Grant to do your nails, I somehow managed to twist and turn myself enough to paint mine in both of my pregnancies, not that it did my hips any good getting into those funny positions.


  7. How many cars have you got??! 😉 Fun pics though but maybe not for poor bump! I’m glad Ella Henderson has finally resurfaced out of post X-factor obscurity – she was definitely one of the very best – probably ever! Enjoy those last precious weeks if you can hon! X #littleloves


  8. Ice is great during labour…it’s cold, makes you think u our eating but doesn’t clog your body up,plus sometimes you drink in labour and your body makes you throw it up so eating ice keeps you taking in fluids too 🙂 so soon hanna! Very excited! If you want baby pics when he gets here get in touch eh 😉 lots of love xx


    • Ahh thanks for the tip! And for the baby pics offer! How much do you charge for a newborn shoot? Message me and let me know as would be great to hear although I know you’re miles away 😉 thanks for reading and for the comment. Happy birthday too!!!!! Xx


  9. Oh how exciting!! Seems like so long ago now I was last pregnant! My kids are 11 and 8! Bless your hubby for painting your toenails xx #BinkyLinky


  10. Definitely make the most of your last few weeks as a twosome, and enjoy going out with just a purse rather than a bag containing everything but the kitchen sink! We ate out so much in the last few weeks it’s no wonder I ended up so huge! Make sure you get lots of rest and lovely lie-ins, they will soon be a thing of the past 😉 xx


    • Great tips thank you! We’re eating lots of healthy ready meals like Cook etc as I just can’t stand cooking at the moment it makes me achy and got no energy! Putting on lots of weight but looking forward to weight watchers in a few months! Xx


  11. Eek indeed, are you still around? Good luck … And I would definitely be getting your partner to paint them toe nails!! x



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