What’s in my hospital bag?

As with everything during my pregnancy, I’ve been far too over excited to wait and have been doing everything for the baby super early! I started to gather bits and pieces for my hospital bag when I turned 7 months pregnant and here is a little look inside, as well as a copy of my packing list:

hospital bag, maternity bag, hospital bag list


Above is pretty much most of what will be going in my baby bag. List as follows:

  • Ewan the sheep (plays noises from in the womb to help settle the baby)
  • 4 muslins
  • 2 cotton hats (July/August baby makes me think wooly hat not needed!)
  • One pair of scratch mitts
  • 2 dummies (I am unable to breastfeed, so no worries about the baby getting used to a teet)
  • 5 newborn nappies and 10 tiny baby nappies
  • Baby wipes – for me to wash myself quickly or mop up spills etc
  • 4 short sleeve tiny vests
  • 2 short sleeve newborn vests
  • 4 long sleeve tiny baby vests
  • 3 sleepsuits
  • 2 favourite outfits. One for hospital photos and one as a going home outfit
  • A toy bought by my mum to put in the hospital cot
  • Baby blanket

I chose to pick tiny baby nappies and clothes to put in the bag as I tend to find that even on big babies, newborn clothes look massive! If I had taken newborn and they were too big, I’d end up getting stressed trying to explain to my husband where the tiny baby clothes are in the nursery at home and which styles I wanted bringing back to the hospital. I decided I’d take a punt on me not birthing a whale and stick the tiny baby ones in the bag. Even if the baby is 8 or 9lbs, I’m sure tiny baby clothes would fit until we got home, as even those don’t look too tiny to me! In case tiny baby ones do end up too small though, I have covered all bases. To avoid sending the husband home and trusting him to bring back the right things (all the while not having a meltdown about him raiding the nursery, leaving it in a mess and then arriving back to me with clothes fit for a 6 month old), I have packed a very small bag containing 15 newborn nappies plus vests and sleepsuits to keep in my car boot. That way if the tiny baby clothes are too small, he just has to pop downstairs to the car park and bring up the bag of pre-packed bigger stuff. Control freak, me?!

The bags I will use for the baby will be ones I already own – a blue polkadot Cath Kidston holdall, plus overflow into my Cath Kidston changing bag as below:

cath kidston, saddle bag, oilcloth bag, hospital bagcath kidston, saddle bag, oilcloth bag, hospital bagcath kidston, saddle bag, oilcloth bag, hospital bag


The bag I will use for myself and my husband will be a plain black hand luggage sized suitcase and will contain things like 100,000 pairs of knickers, spare trousers, straws, iPad, phone charger etc. I am yet to pack that – no doubt I will do it this week so watch out for that!

Have I missed anything from my baby list? Do you have any tips for having a summer baby in hospital – long sleeves, short sleeves? I’d love to hear!



4 thoughts on “What’s in my hospital bag?

  1. Not a control freak at all, just very organised. I would say get more pads than you think you need. Not just for the hospital but for the first few days at home x



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