The Body Shop camomile waterproof makeup remover review

I found this makeup remover whilst browsing in my favourite beauty product shop. I’ve used many different make up removers over the years, but none have been quite strong enough to remove without lots and lots of rubbing, multiple attempts or making my eyes sore so I thought I’d give The Body Shop a go since I love all their other products.

I was looking for something different after years of using the girly staple of Johnson’s baby wipes. These work, but do take a lot of rubbing and sometimes need more than one wipe, depending on how much make up I am wearing that day. If I had on anything other than mascara, it could take 4 or more wipes just to get my skin clean and am someone that wears minimal make up. I don’t even use foundation, only a thin layer of tinted moisturiser some days.

In between using wipes, I tried many others including Bobbi Brown Instant Long-Wear remover which is £17.50. There was me thinking buying something pricey had to be great. WRONG. It was so greasy, plus more importantly it gave me burns/seriously irritated skin under my eyes which scarred me for weeks after stopping using. Awful experience!

A few months ago I was in The Body Shop doing my usual beauty browse, when I came across this for £8:

The body shop waterproof makeup remover reviewI was worried it might be greasy since I was so used to plain wipes and because it was a clear liquid, much like the hideous Bobbi Brown one that nearly took my face off. However, I was intrigued at the thought of it being a waterproof makeup remover – something I’d never thought of buying before. I don’t use waterproof make up, but I figured it must be a better product for non-waterproof products if it claims to remove the waterproof ones. You keeping up?!

I went home and gave it a try and was instantly sold! The instructions state you must shake the bottle up to activate the ingredients each time before using, so I did this and poured it out onto two cotton pads (about 5 or 6 drops per pad). I was only wearing mascara and eyeliner that day, so thought I’d try one pad for each eye. I picked up the soaked pads and pressed them simultaneously onto each closed eye. I held there for a couple of seconds, then rubbed side to side three or four times. I then opened my eyes and quickly rubbed along my bottom lashes in the same way. The top half of each pad was covered in black makeup, so I turned each pad upside down to a find the clean half, then shut my eyes again and used the soaked clean areas of the pads to rub each eye a couple more times and I was done.

No smudging, not a trace of make up left on my eyes, no greasy feeling whatsoever and not even an ounce of stinging, even though I could feel whilst using the pads that some of the liquid had gone into my eyes (use less product or don’t press onto eyes as hard to avoid this). It was so nice to have no stinging after removing makeup, it felt like I could pour the bottle straight into my eye and it would feel just like water! (Don’t try this at home, kids…)

On the days I am wearing tinted moisturiser, I use an extra two pads by pouring drops in the same way and use to wipe each side of my face all over. It removes every trace brilliantly. I then follow up with the rest of my night time routine, which is using The Body Shop’s Vitamin E cleanser, toner, night cream and voila! Silky smooth face, not a trace of make up and yet the whole routine before bed is done within 2 minutes.

I love this product and highly reccommend it. The Body Shop always seem to run a 3 for 2 offer, so I recently made the most of this and got 3 bottes for £16. A bottle seems to last me a long time – a good couple of months! Get yourself down to The Body Shop and give it a whirl.

This is a product I already own and was not approached or paid by The Body Shop to review this product. All views are my own.



4 thoughts on “The Body Shop camomile waterproof makeup remover review

  1. I use this makeup remover everyday! It works so well and I love how it doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily or greasy afterwards, nor does it sting your eyes. I never shake my bottle before use though, I wasn’t aware that we were supposed to! Great review 🙂


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