Reusable nappies. It starts….

Grant and I decided once we knew I was pregnant that we’d give the eco/hippy/money saving thing a go and now I fear I’ve sparked the start of an addiction. Not so money saving after all. There are quite a lot of brands out there and when you first start to look in to it, it is a minefield of confusion. Which brand? Which liners? Which wet bag and pale? How do I wash them? How often do I change them? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. Luckily a few people on Twitter I know are ahead of the game and helped me out with all the questions. I think Tots Bots will be my favourite brand, but will definitely try a few and see which works best for us. They range from around £6-£20 per nappy and I think we’ll need about 24. It seems like a large expense, but they see you through from when the baby is about 9lbs right up to potty training, so if you think how much money you’d spend on disposable nappies in those two years, reusables soon make sense! We didn’t want to buy too many at first, or stick with a particular brand as it depends on the size and shape of the baby as to which will fit best and not leak. We had a quick look on Ebay to start with as some come from China that are much cheaper than the big UK brands. We found a brand called Coolababywhich were about £6 each, so we ordered a few to start off our collection. Not sure how they’ll go as reviews are mixed, but some people love them so we’ll see! These are the colours we chose: Processed with VSCOcam I also wanted a plain black nappy and couldn’t find many options, but then came across a company called Three Little Imps on Amazon that did them in black so we ordered one of those as well as some fleece top liners from Processed with VSCOcam     Processed with VSCOcamI’m excited to start using them and all sounds easy enough once you learn about it and do some research. I think…. With some help from a friend, today I learned that you need to wash them about 4 times in a row when they’re new to fluff them up and give them maximum absorbancy, so I have spent today putting the washing machine on constant cycles! I’ve also recently learned that you usually have a bucket (pale) to store soiled/wet nappies in. The pale also has a mesh bag inside, so you put all the dirty nappies in there (you can have seperate pales for wee and poo nappies if you want, but I don’t see the point), then when ready to do a wash you take out the whole mesh bag full of nappies and bung in the machine at 40 or 60 degrees, remembering to leave the mesh bag open for nappies to fall out during the cycle. Also, you can have what’s called a wet bag to put the cover in until it’s ready to be washed. These don’t really get soiled – only wet if you get a bit of a leak so they can go on a lower temperature if you wish. Other than that, you have another 1 or 2 wet bags kept for when you’re out and about to put dirty nappies in before bringing home to wash. Sound simple enough?! I’m still getting my head around it all…. One thing I have found, is that the big brands that people tend to trust and who have great reviews, just don’t do enough patterns/styles. One of the reason we loved the idea of reusables was because the bright colours and nice patterns, instead of boring old disposables. But once we started looking, we found they all seem to be plain in one colour, or have trains, cars and the usual images on them. Not much imagination! If I had the money and could be bothered, I’d have a good mind to set up a big brand of quality reusables but do some decent designs. Skull and Crossbones anyone?!

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16 thoughts on “Reusable nappies. It starts….

  1. I used Re-usables almost 10 years ago now with lOUIS- it wasn’t a problem at all and yes we saved money !


  2. I’ve never used them but they do look fab! I see them popping up on my Instagram all the time and they look so cute, I hope you get on alright with them 🙂


  3. I have twins and tried reuseables but they just kept leaking. Wish they worked but when you have twins disposables at easier. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky


    • No probs! 🙂 yeah I’m yet to see if they work. As I’ll only have one ill try them all to see if I can make it work, but if I get lots of leaks I won’t be able to stick with it!


  4. Hi, I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of different brands and styles available, but then won a start pack so am feeling much more informed with having had some chosen for me! I’m 32 weeks now so I guess you and I will be embarking on our cloth nappy journeys together!xx


    • Ahh that’s good! I’m borrowing someone from the local nappy library which we’re allowed to trial and work out which brand is best. Think I’ll only work it out once he’s here and I’ve been able to try them! Xx


  5. We’re big cloth nappy fans over here! It’s daunting at first but you’ll get the hang of it – we had some teething problems but my boy is nearly 16 months and rarely in a disposable now. It sounds like you’ve done your homework, so I’m sure you’ll love them (especially Totsbots, they’re great!) if you’re interested I recently wrote a post full of tips on how to use them, just look under April in the archives. #binkylinky


    • Ooh thank you, yes I’ll give that a read! I’ve researched a fair bit but still quite overwhelming. Looking forward to him arriving and putting some chub on so we can start cloth! 🙂



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